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Ride the Jensie Gran Fondo and Make Your Community Safer

The Jensie Gran Fondo partners with the Marin County Bicycle Coalition to support cyclist safety and education in Marin County

Marin County, California (August 3rd, 2017) – The Jensie Gran Fondo of Marin, an annual cycling event featuring world-class routes, professional on-course support, and gourmet food, partners with the Marin County Bicycle Coalition (MCBC) to raise funds and awareness for the coalition’s primary Safety Campaign. MCBC is transforming Marin County into a bike friendly, bike/pedestrian accessible, and safe place for all road and trail users.

MCBC Mission: The Marin County Bicycle Coalition promotes safe bicycling for everyday transportation and recreation.

MCBC Tagline: When you ride Marin’s roads, trails, and pathways, you experience MCBC.

MCBC Programs:          

  Safe Routes to School: The Safe Routes to School Program improves the quality of life for entire school communities through education, encouragement and infrastructure improvements. Presented in partnership with the Transportation Authority of Marin, Safe Routes teaches cycling skills and promotes healthy lifestyles, while championing greener transportation.

  Road: The Road Advocacy Program builds the political support needed to identify, promote and fund bike and pedestrian improvements in Marin. MCBC works closely with public agency partners toward completing the North-South and East-West Greenways, Marin’s primary bicycle and pedestrian routes.

  Off-Road: The Off-Road Program expands mountain biking opportunities through education, environmental stewardship and trail development. MCBC is committed to bridge gaps in Marin’s trail network, while also maintaining and restoring existing trails. This effort is guided by the vision of one day riding from the Golden Gate Bridge to Point Reyes, all off-road.

About the Jensie Gran Fondo of Marin

Based in Marin County, California, The Jensie Gran Fondo of Marin offers cyclist the unique opportunity to ride Marin County’s iconic routes with cycling legend Jens Voigt. Recently named a Top 15 U.S. Gran Fondo by Gran Fondo Guide, the extraordinary day on the bike will take you on a 40, 70 or 100-mile ride through beautiful Marin county with gourmet food and rest stops along the way. The third annual Jensie Gran Fondo of Marin will start and finish at Stafford Lake Park in Novato, CA on Saturday, October 7th.

To register or learn more about the event, please visit

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Ride the Jensie Gran Fondo and Make Your Community Safer