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United States | Southeast | Virginia >> Kinesis UK Surrey Hills Gravelcross returns 4th March

Kinesis UK Surrey Hills Gravelcross returns 4th March

Get in the swing for spring at CX Sportive’s gravel inspired, MTB friendly Gravelcross Series

As we finally prepare to put winter behind us, the Kinesis UK Gravelcross season rolls on with the Surrey Hills Switchback, based from the village of Chilton, close to Guildford.

The Kinesis UK Gravelcross Series are designed to appeal to the new generation of bikes and riders looking for mixed terrain adventures that cross over traditional cycling styles and boundaries. The Switchback mixes a variety of Surrey Hills staples that you’d usually experience on totally different rides; the hard grind, narrow tarmac lanes of the areas iconic road riding feature, interspersed with stretches of fast, flowing dirt forest roads, and a sprinkling of rooty back trails and singletrack to spice things up. This all adds up to a varied and totally entertaining cycling experience that perfectly sums up why ‘do anything’ bikes are creating so much buzz right now.

VIDEO: Kinesis UK Surrey Hills Gravelcross 2018

The event is not limited to gravel and CX bikes; anything basically off road capable is welcome. In fact, the mix of bikes on show is another unique and engaging feature of these events; alongside the latest gravel rigs, you’ll find plenty of folks on MTBs old and new (29ers in particular tear up these long legged courses), a smattering of hybrids, and even the odd brave soul on a converted winter road bike!

As with all of the events in the series, you get a lot of support for your entry fee at the Switchback. There are three routes to choose from (74, 56 or 39km), all of which are comprehensively marked out to make them easy to follow. You get paper maps and GPS files as a back up too, there are feed stations on the route to keep you fuelled, and rider support on call if you need it too. To keep it interesting, there is age and gender bracketed rider timing, with instant finish line results, and even the finishers medals take on extra significance, with gold, silver or bronze versions to strive for, based on your finish time. There will also be chance to take a hands on look at Kinesis UK’s Tripster ATR and new Tripster AT models.

Full details of the Kinesis UK Surrey Hills Switchback  can be found at www.cxsportive.com where you can also sign up online.

Discover the Kinesis UK range of bikes for road, off road and everything in between at www.kinesisbikes.co.uk

Kinesis UK Surrey Hills Gravelcross returns 4th March

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