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Kinesis UK Surrey Hills Gravelcross confirmed rescheduled for July

Like many other events scheduled for the weekend when the “Beast from the East” hit, Kinesis UK Gravelcross Series organisers, CX Sportive, understandably had to call off the March 4th Surrey Hills Gravelcross due to the snow and safety risk

The good news though, is that the event wasn’t cancelled – it was just postponed and is now confirmed to go ahead on the rescheduled date of July 15th.

If you had already entered, you’ll have been informed of the change, and if you hadn’t entered, it means you still can. Entry for the new date is still open at cxsportive.com, and the bonus of course is the chance to now ride this excellent Gravelcross event in full on summer conditions! That makes it an ideal intro event if you’re new to this whole gravel thing, and a bit of a treat to look forward to if you’re an old hand who’s had enough of winter riding right now!

Before then, the season continues on the South Downs with the Kinesis UK Butser Hill Gravelcross. You can find full details and entry for all events at www.cxsportive.com

Kinesis UK Surrey Hills Gravelcross confirmed rescheduled for July

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