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10 Tips to Help you Crush "Your Crush" on your Bike

Have you had the courage to tell your Crush that you like them? Here's how one of your best friends can help you, when things "don't go to plan"

Unrequited Love. Have you ever fallen for someone who you know you shouldn't have or knew it would never work out?

Hey it happens! You're minding your own business, and boom, you meet someone who just blows your mind.

This can develop into a crush and you have three choices; walk away, keep quiet, or tell them how you feel!

Telling someone how you feel is bold and very courageous. You're being true to yourself by admitting you're feelings to this person and you're not dwelling on it either.

10 Tips to help you Crush "Your Crush" on your Bike

This can go two ways, and you've set yourself up for the best or worse.

If all goes to plan then congratulations, that person likes you too!

But how about when it goes the other way?

Putting yourself out there with your feelings is risky, and if things don't go to plan than you can feel rejected, lose your self esteem or even worse get depressed.

But remember, you have been bold. Now it's time to be even bolder!

It's time to lean one of your "bestest bestie's", who'll give you a helping hand and this is your bike.

10 tips to "Crush your Crush" on your Bike

1. Accept Rejection

You've been rejected. Don't dwell on it or take it personally, you'll never ever know the exact reason.

2. Start the Healing Process

Once you've accepted the rejection, it's time to start healing.

3. Feel the Hurt

Without giving anyone relationship or dating advice, rejection or unrequited love can actually physically "hurt".

You need to feel those feelings, but you also need to move on. Don't deny how you're feeling, in fact do the opposite.

10 tips to "Crush your Crush" on your Bike

4. On Your Bike

There's no better way to start moving on, than on your bike. Put all of your emotions and feelings into some super cool bike rides!

5. Build It Up

Start by riding your normal distance, in a safe manner of course. During your ride, think about your crush and those negative emotions. It's time to smash them out of your system. 

Find the biggest climb or sprint section on your ride and give it your all, just like interval training.

Focus all your emotions, feelings like sadness, anger, loss, grief into that one interval. 

After the interval ride easy and feel those negative ions flow out of your body down the road, blown away by the wind behind you.

Repeat, until you feel physically tired, having enough energy to ride back home.

6. Stretch it Out

Don't stop there, make one of your normal training rides longer, so if you do 40 miles, then do 50 and if you do 50 miles, then do 65 etc.

Here's how one of your best friends can help you, when things "don't go to plan"

7. Suck it Up

After a several rides of "crushing your crush", you should start to feel a bit better, positive, and moving forwards.

8. Don't Stop

Repeat the process until you feel you're "starting to heal".

9. It takes Time

Healing takes time, so repeat the process until you fully "Crush your Crush".

Of course, normal relationship things like family, friends and your doctor etc should also help when required.

Your bike is your best friend and you speak your own language, with each and every pedal stroke.

10. Stay Safe!

The above can help the healing process, support your self improvement, and help you to move forwards.

Be careful not to overdo it with careless riding. Take out your negative emotions on your favorite hill or sprint section in a controlled manner.

Go out there and nail it, nail it and nail it until your smiling again!

Congratulations, you've crushed your crush, moved on and now your're super fit and super sexy! Get back out there!

Congratulations, you crushed it!