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Australia's Gran Fondo Championships contribute to Bushfire Disaster Fund

Cycling Australia contributes to the national bushfire disaster appeal through Saturday's Gran Fondo Championships in Buninyong

A donation of $5 went to the Bendigo Bank National Bushfire Disaster Appeal Disaster Appeal on behalf of each entrant in the community ride.

Estimates suggest that amounts to more than $5,000 AUD raised.

100% of donated funds will go to communities and individuals devastated by bushfires across Australia, with donors able to direct funds to specific areas.

Australia's Gran Fondo Championships contribute to Bushfire Disaster Fund

The National Gran Fondo Championship was held on the iconic Mt. Buninyong course with roads completely closed, just like the elite road race championships on Sunday.

Bendigo Bank has established a national appeal in partnership with the Salvation Army to help those devastated by bushfires across Australia.

Cycling Australia had encouraged all spectators at the five days of the national road championships to contribute.

Members from the Buninyong and District Community Bendigo Bank were visible presence at each day of the nationals to help with donations.

The Gran Fondo was on the same course as the elite road race championships on Sunday and was open to any cyclists keen to take on the challenge.

Riders completed as a many laps of the 11.6km circuit as they could in two hours.

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2020 Australian National Gran Fondo Championship Results

F 18-34 1 Bree PLAYEL
  2 Georgina VON MARBURG
  3 Lisa JACOB
M 18-34 1 Liam PINO
  2 Stefan FILONZI
  3 Jamie HUGGETT
  3 Belinda BURGOYNE
M 35-39 1 Clint PERRETT
  2 Tim CANNY
  3 Ben HODGE
F 35-39 1 Kristy GRUBITS
  2 Julia CLARK
  3 Belinda BURGOYNE
M 40-44 1 Daniel BRICKELL
  2 Damien BOVALINO
  2 Scott CRAWFORD
F 40-44 1 Gemma CARLYLE
  2 Rachel DELANY
  3 Jess EGAN
M 45-49 1 Peter CASEY
  3 Adrian LITTLE
F 45-49 1 Jenny PETTENON
  2 Deborah HENNESSEY
  3 Eveline VAN DEN BROEKE
M 50-54 1 John WATKINSON
  3 Harry BRENNAN
F 50-54 1 Meredith CLARK
  2 Lisa COUTTS
  3 Anne ELLIOTT
M 55-59 1 Stephen KILPATRICK
  2 David STURT
  3 Joe SPANO
F 55-59 1 Dale MAIZELS
  2 Mandy TARANTO
  3 Katusha ROCA
M 60-64 1 Michael WILSON
  1 George MEDLEY
  3 Alan NELSON
F 60-64 1 Debra LINDSTROM
  2 Gaynor BLANKLEY
  3 Jenny ERICKSON
M 65-69 1 Roger CULL
  2 Peter RITCHIE
  3 Lindsay BURGOYNE
F 65-69 1 Robyn BAKER
  2 Julietta MAQURGNAZ
  3 Jennifer BYRNES
M 70-74 1 Piet VAN GURP
  2 Alan SPOKES
  3 George GOODROPE
F 70-74 1 Maxine PATTERSON
M 75+ 1 Robert BRASZELL
  2 Keith WADE
  3 Westly WINDSOR
M Team 120+ 1 South Melbourne Physio
    Shannon SCOTT
    Andrew KANTOR
    Greg NICHOLS
M Team 150+ 1 ORCC
    Leigh MILLER
    Adam DAWSON
    Joe KUTKA
M Team 180+ 1 MWCC Veterans
    Peter RITCHIE
    David LEDGER
    Norbert GEROLD
M Team 90+ 1 Peak Racing 90+
    Stefan FILONZI
    Dan PECK
    Julian BUCKLEY
F Team 120+ 1 Croydon Cycleworks
    Lisa COUTTS
    Gemma CARLYLE
    Dale MAIZELS
F Team 150+ 1 Birrarung 150
    Rachel DELANY
    Gaynor BLANKLEY
F Team 180+ 1 Birrarung 180
    Julietta Maqurgnaz
    Debra NETTE
    Annarella HARDIMAN
F Team 90+   St Kilda Expressos
    Lisa JACOB
    Fiona CLOTHIER
    Georgina COOK

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Australia's Gran Fondo Championships to contribute to Bushfire Disaster Fund