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A Game changer in Gravel Racing:  the new Tag Team Category

The Oregon Trail Gravel Grinder are excited to announce a game changer in gravel racing - the new Tag Team Category 

The Tag Team is a new way to experience the Oregon Trail Gravel Grinder with your best riding partner.  You decide which days you want to ride while your partner rests and relaxes at camp- then you switch!

The Oregon Trail Gravel Grinder introduces the new Tag Team Category

The Rules

Ride teams are only allowed to do the Pioneer (longer mileage, more elevation) days and a team member must ride in every stage.

Each rider must participate in at least 2 stages of the event.

If you wish, both riders may take part in the Friday hill climb/downhill time trial and either only score one rider for both up and down or decide beforehand which rider’s climb and descent will be counted.

The stage ride days for each rider do not need to be alternating days or sequential…meaning you can strategize to ride the routes that match your ride style. 

Non-riding teammates will transport themselves and their vehicle to the next route.  We will provide a Driver’s Guide with directions and fun side trips to do when you are not on the bike.  You will be given a specific parking area at each location. 

If you plan to sleep in your vehicle, you must purchase the RV/Van pass otherwise you’ll be in the tent camping section.

Only 30 Teams Allowed!

Includes all food, drink, and race support

Unmatched Gravel & Epic Adventure!

$1600 for team entry (only $800 per rider!)

The Oregon Trail Gravel Grinder introduces the new Tag Team Category

Secure your Team’s Place!

Registration for the new team category opens on Tuesday November 1st and expected to sell out.

For more information, please visit:

To register from Tuesday November 1st, please visit:

The Oregon Trail Gravel Grinder introduces the new Tag Team Category

About the Oregon Trail Gravel Grinder

The EPIC 5-day Oregon Trail Gravel Grinder returns next June 21-25

The state of Oregon on the United States’ “Wild West” coast has arguably some of “the best” gravel roads in the world. The Oregon Trail Gravel Grinder has firmly established itself as the “Grand Tour of Gravel” with gravel enthusiasts around the world. This is the #1 Gravel Ride in the USA, with jaw-dropping scenery, camaraderie, and the legendary tenting and camp fires. Every respectable gravel rider need to add the OTGG to their bucket-list at least once (probably more than once).

It’s for racers AND adventure riders who want to test their limits and push personal boundaries, so much so, it sells out well in advance every year.

Register NOW for the Oregon Trail Gravel Grinder and SAVE!

It has the biggest prize purse ($10,000 USD) of any other gravel race in North America that attracts many of the biggest names in the sport internationally.

This five-day event located in Sisters, will challenge and reward racers and adventure riders not only on the epic days in the saddle and celebrate every night back at camp. Each stage has two distances for Settlers and Pioneers. The e-bike category continues but still limited to just 25 riders.

The fabulous team at Breakaway Promotions will take care of all of the details and support you on your journey - from tents to gourmet food to professional massage and nightly entertainment - you'll come away sore, accomplished, and with unmatched tales and friendship from the trail.

There a HUGE range of additional options to suit everyone’s needs including VIP tent service, Shuttle, RV Parking, Bike Ship Service, Post Ride Massages and Meal packages for all your friends and family!