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Wisconsin Triple Crown Series Discontinued

Over the past three years the WTC has provided great experiences for all of us here at Spree Touring and Dairyland Dare LLC. We’ve made many new friends and hold many wonderful memories. We hope that you have enjoyed the experience as well. 

It's also been quite an endeavor to organize and manage - an endeavor which takes precious time otherwise devoted to family, friends, fitness and careers. As we look forward to 2014 and beyond, we've decided to re-focus our efforts closer to home and as a consequence we will not be continuing the Wisconsin Triple Crown Series. 

We wish you all the best in the coming year and hope to see you while riding the beautiful roads of Southwest Wisconsin. 

Sincerely, Sue & Don Curtis of Spree Touring and Michelle Godez & Stewart Schilling of Dairyland Dare LLC 

What does this mean for the individual events? 

- Arcadia’s Brute (operated by Spree Touring) will not be held in 2014. 

- Kickapoo Kicker (a partnership between Spree Touring and Dairyland Dare LLC) will not be held in 2014. 

- The 9th annual Dairyland Dare (operated by Dairyland Dare LLC) WILL RUN on 8/9/2014 as scheduled. Registration will open on 2/1/2014 for this event

What if I transferred my 2013 entry to 2014? 

- If you chose to transfer your WTC, Brute, or Kickapoo Kicker 2013 entry to 2014, you will receive a check in the mail as a full refund for that entry. 

- If you chose to transfer your Dairyland Dare entry from 2013 to 2104, that transfer is still valid and you will be contacted shortly before the DD registration opens on 2/1.

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