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Denmark's growing reputation as the premier cycling event host nation

1.6 million spectators united in the festive celebration of cycling along the route as the Tour de France started in Denmark in 2022

Denmark's growing reputation as the premier cycling event host nation

The celebrating the world’s greatest cycling race, the Tour de France, in one of the greatest cycling nations, Denmark. And, with the bonus of celebrating the winner, Danish Jonas Vingegaard in front of 50,000 cheering Danes at the city hall in Copenhagen.

Denmark's passion for cycling is not limited to the Start of the Tour de France. The nation's commitment to hosting major international cycling events extends to various disciplines within the sport, reflecting a deep-rooted love for cycling. Next year in Denmark, cyclists and riders will unite, qualify and participate in the UCI Gran Fondo World Championships. Denmark bids for both a World Tour for men and women 2025-2027, and the 2029 UCI Road World Championships. Alongside Denmark's bid for the 2029 UCI Road World Championships and the World Tour, the country has also demonstrated a strong commitment to hosting the 2024 UCI World Track Championships, and the 2025 UCI BMX World Championships.

Denmark's cycling legacy

Tour de France returns to Denmark in the L’Etape Series next June!

Denmark's affinity for cycling is deeply ingrained in its culture, dating back over a century. Beyond the road races, the country has embraced cycling across various disciplines, making it a hub for both professional and recreational riders. Whether it's road cycling, track cycling, or BMX, Denmark has consistently produced world-class athletes and offered a conducive environment for enthusiasts to thrive. With a comprehensive network of cycling paths and a fervent cycling community, the country's dedication to the sport is unparalleled.

The national sporting event organization, Sport Event Denmark, has been part of the journey for more than 15 years from the early stages of the bidding process over the preparation stages to the staging and evaluation.

 In 2011, Denmark hosted the UCI BMX World Championships in Copenhagen, providing riders with a world-class track and enthusiastic spectators. In 2025, the event returns to Copenhagen. Hosting the World Championships underlines Denmark's dedication to promoting BMX and fostering the next generation of riders. The successful organization of the event in 2011 and the upcoming hosting of the 2025-edition is another testament to the country's commitment to different cycling disciplines, not just road cycling.

“Sport Event Denmark has been an integral part of the ride for more than 15 years, accompanying Danish national federations and host cities from the early stages of the bidding process through to meticulous preparation, event staging, and rigorous evaluation. Together, we've cemented Denmark as a global cycling hub, and we're ready to pedal into an even more exciting future," said Lars Lundov, CEO, Sport Event Denmark.

Promoting cycling in all its forms

Photo: The iconic yellow jersey is up for grabs as well as the Green sprinters jersey and the climbers Polka Dot jersey too!

Denmark's bid to host the 2029 UCI Road World Championships is a continuation of its tradition of promoting cycling in all its forms. The prospect of hosting the road championships, alongside the track and BMX events, solidifies Denmark's reputation as a cycling haven. The 2029 bid is backed by strong government support, as well as a comprehensive plan that includes well-designed race routes, logistical support, and a commitment to sustainability, all aimed at ensuring the smooth conduct of the event.

“Denmark's bid to host the UCI Road World Championships in 2029 and the ambition to host a World Tour for men and women 2025-2027 is a testament to the country's commitment to cycling. The events would provide a perfect platform to showcase Denmark's scenic landscapes and well-maintained cycling infrastructure. Hosting the Championships and World Tours would not only boost the country's tourism but also brand Denmark as a sporting event nation and destination. Finally and foremost, Denmark will offer the World of Cycling the very best staging for the benefits of riders, teams, and spectators,” said Lars Lundov.

Denmark the hub of Scandinavia

Photo: The finish line in the city of Viborg will be clad in yellow just like a real Tour de France host city.

Denmark is easy to get to and easy to get around in. Denmark's geographical location further underlines its position as a prime host for various cycling events. Its proximity to cycling powerhouses like Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany offers easy access for participants and fans alike.

Denmark's unique geographical location in Northern Europe is a key factor in its ability to host a wide array of cycling events. Nestled amidst Belgium, the Netherlands, and Germany, Denmark's position is strategically advantageous. This proximity offers cycling enthusiasts and professionals easy access to international events, fostering an environment that encourages collaboration and competition.

Denmark's efficient and well-connected transport network ensures that participants, spectators, and their equipment can move seamlessly from one event to another. International airports and a comprehensive train system make it easy for riders and fans to traverse the country, creating a cohesive and interconnected cycling community.

Denmark's commitment to sustainability extends to cycling events as well. Efforts are made to minimize the environmental impact of these events, showcasing the country's dedication to responsible event hosting. Sustainable initiatives include waste management practices, and a focus on minimizing the carbon footprint of the championships.

Denmark equals cycling events

Photo: High Five living legend “Didi the Devil” and get those “Tour de France Feels!”

“With Denmark’s rich cycling history, government support, and strategic location, Denmark is well-positioned to create memorable and successful events, inspiring the global cycling community and bringing the UCI Road World Championships back to the scenic Danish landscape. Should Denmark's bid be successful, it will not only be a celebration of cycling but also a showcase of Denmark's commitment to hosting world-class sporting events. Denmark equals cycling events,” concluded Lars Lundov, CEO, Sport Event Denmark.

"Denmark equals cycling events" is not just a statement; it's a testament to Denmark's unwavering commitment to hosting and celebrating the world of cycling. With a legacy that spans over a century, Denmark has become synonymous with cycling events, showcasing excellence in various disciplines. The Danish passion for the sport, coupled with their strategic location in Northern Europe, has turned Denmark into a global hub for cyclists and riders, both amateur and professional.

As we look ahead, Denmark's reputation as a premier host nation for cycling events continues to grow, promising an even more exciting and dynamic future for the cycling community worldwide.

Upcoming cycling events in Denmark

2024 UCI Gran Fondo Svendborg. 08/06/2024 - 09/06/2024 | City: Svendborg

2024 L'Etape Denmark by Tour de France. 29/06/2024 | City: Viborg

2024 UCI Gran Fondo World Championships. 28/08/2024 - 01/09/2024 | City: Aalborg

2024 UCI Track World Championships. 16/10/2024 - 20/10/2024 | City: Ballerup

2025 UCI BMX World Championships. July 2025 | City: Copenhagen

Bidding for

2025-2027 World Tour, Men & Women, Copenhagen

2029 UCI Road World Championships