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XFONDO Whistler

June 15 2024
Whistler BC
Date Confirmed
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Distances: 50 km
Difficulty: Gently rolling terrain with one or two short hills


XFondo will push you, but it won't hurt you. You'll get dirty, but not bloody. You'll pant, curse, and scream but finish with a shit eating grin that would worry your mother. Then you drink beer.

XFondo is not an exclusive gravel cycling event. Rather, it's an adventure on all the terrain a bike can take you. It's a visceral experience, real and perceived with your new event buddies, sharing an experience that will be a real challenge for all your skills.

The OG. Road, it's where we all came from. At XFONDO we pay our homage to the flat stuff, and rightly so. You'll find bare-knuckle descents, lungbusting climbs and pretty things to look at aplenty on every XFONDO course. But road is far from all we're here for...

Gravel. It seems like all you have to do these days is put the word next to your event and that's your marketing efforts done. We all know gravel is in vogue right now. We also know that it's a dusty thrill like no other. You'll get to discover some of the best stony roads and secret spots in your backyard that you've never even heard of. 

Trail: Ask any off-road rider where they're happiest, and they'll tell you it's on the trail. From single-track, technical sections, knotted roots waiting to snare your spokes and all the other things that make trail so beloved, XFONDO gets you on the good stuff.

Dirt: This ain't no clean-cut, neatly-parted-haircut kinda place. This isn't a ride for those who like to keep their sneakers white. This is an event where dirt carries currency. When it comes to the backcountry, the only way out of the muck is is through it.

Riders will take to the course as individuals. We'll become a team later over beers.

As a test event in 2022, you will ride the 50km FONDO distance. The course will remain a closely guarded secret for now. What we can do is tell you to expect a flurry of 19% grade and technical sections in between all the times you're shouting at the trees with glee.

1,250m of leg hurt!

XFONDO Whistler

Start Located At: Whistler, British Columbia
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