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United States | Southeast | Virginia >> Where Pavement Ends - This Is Gravel EP:01

Where Pavement Ends - This Is Gravel EP:01

Straight out of Emporia, Kansas and in their first episode - Gravel Guru tackles these topics; What is Gravel Grinding and How to get through the Land Run 100 Mud!

What's one of the toughest challenges in cycling? It just may be Gravel Grinding, an emerging type of Endurance Cycling that's done on unpaved, backcountry roads. 

There are over 1 million miles of unpaved roads in the U.S., most just empty winding through remote areas and farmland. Over the last decade out of the Flint Hills of Kansas a new Genre of cycling has begun appropriating them as a Gritty New Cycling Frontier where riders and organizers regularly announce 60, 100, or even 300-mile unsupported races.


About Gravel Guru

Bobby Thompson - The Casual Cyclist

Bobby Thompson is still new to the sport of cycling having rediscovered his love of 2 wheels about 4 years ago. He is a huge enthusiast not only for rural country road riding but also the cycling community in general. He leads an active family life with his wife and two daughters and fits in as much gravel riding as he can. He has rode in and finished the LandRun100, DirtyKanza200, GravelWorlds, 24HoursofCumming Relay, FarmHouse Classic and Rebeccas Private Idaho. Bobby is always looking for the next event to experience. You can follow Bobby at this blog The Casual Cyclist

LeLan Dains LeLan Dains is a long time cycling enthusiast and is currently the Operations Manager and resident Cycling Coach of Dirty Kanza Promotions. He revels in sharing his passion for enjoying the great outdoors on two wheels with others. LeLan has traveled the globe riding all kinds of bikes on all types of surfaces. To him, however, none compare to the wide open spaces and chunky gravel roads of the Flint Hills of Kansas!
Matthew Fowler Growing up in the Flint Hills of Kansas Matthew Fowler has always been one to sneak out and enjoy the amazing beauty the rolling hills provide. A former photojournalist and live stream broadcaster he provides the the video and production know how behind Gravel Guru. Working in media in Emporia provided him with the chance to capture several Dirty Kanza 200 races and that is where his love of gravel grinding launched. the concept for Gravel Guru actually has developed while on a long ride through the Flint Hills this past summer seeing a need to provide top level captivating content for a growing sport.


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US Gravel Grinder Calendar

Did you know there are nearly 300 Gravel based events in the US? Follow this link to our comprehensive list of 2016 Gravel Grinder events.


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