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Welcome to Gran Fondo USA >> Lappartient: Former dopers have no place in the sport of cycling

Lappartient: "Former dopers have no place in the sport of cycling" 

Formers dopers blast UCI President's latest comments on cleaning up the sport of cycling

In a recent interview with Luxembourger Wort Lappartient  states "Former dopers have no place in the sport of cycling. To say anything else is hypocritical. All cyclists must stand for one goal: Cycling must be credible, otherwise everything is lost", using Bjarne Riis as an example. 

"There are riders who doped themselves in their era and who are not welcome in the current cycling environment. They have inflicted immense damage on sport and have to live with the consequences," Lappartient said.

Riis himself hasn't responded, however Michael Rasmussen, perhaps one of the most notable dopers of his generation, told Ekstra Bladet that the comments amounted to just "more hot air" from the UCI.

Rasmussen goes on to say "If he really believes it seriously, he could have started cleaning up his own French ranks when he was president of the French cycling union," Rasmussen said. Lappartient led the FFC from 2009 until March this year. "He could have begun with FDJ manager Marc Madiot, who has acknowledged that he has used doping."

"What about Contador and his development team? Or Valverde and his development team in Murcia? And at home there are Michael Skelde, Nicki Sørensen, Brian Holm. There are myriad of people who, according to Lappartient's opinion, are not welcome."

"But if the intention of punishing people is the same in cycling as in society as such, then everyone has served their sentences, and then they have the right to enter into society on an equal footing with others," Rasmussen said.

"You start to fear that Lappartient only supplies what Cookson delivered for four years, hot air."

Lance Armstrong too has responded, stating "URGENT - cycling is going to need a shitload of people ASAP to manage teams, coach riders, drive in the caravan, manage/organize events, commentate on TV, and even work at UCI_cycling! Send resumes to David Lappartient."


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