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Welcome to Gran Fondo USA >> Author Of ‘The Doper Next Door’ Dies Changing A Flat Tyre After Car Crashes Into Him

Author of ‘The Doper Next Door’ Dies Changing a Flat Tyre after Car Crashes into Him

Andrew Tilin, author of The Doper Next Door, died after being struck by a car while changing a puncture at the side of the road in Austin, Texas, last weekend

The writer, known for his work about amateur doping, was on a group ride with his local cycling club, Gruppo VOP, when he flatted after 30 miles.

52-year-old, Tilin was on a group bike ride when he had a flat tire and pulled off the road to fix it. Conditions were misty and foggy, and a passing vehicle skidded on slick pavement, striking a second vehicle before striking Tilin. He received first aid from a rider in the group who is a surgeon, but those efforts and subsequent lifesaving attempts were not successful.

Best known for his book The Doper Next Door, Tilin’s work saw him see the effects of testosterone boosting drugs would have on an amateur rider, like himself. During his reporting and research of the matter, Tilin took testosterone for nearly a year to see what it would do to him both physically and emotionally as he continued to ride.

Members of Gruppo VOP are planning a memorial for local who had lived in Austin since moving there in 2011. His love for biking saw him become an active member of the local two-wheeled community.

Tilin was a regular contributor to Outside Online, Christopher Keyes, Outside’s vice president and editor, described Tilin as “an incredible human being” who made major contributions to the content and spirit of the magazine. “One of my personal favorite stories by him, ‘I Couldn’t Be More Positive,’ chronicled his quest to shine a light on doping in amateur cycling,” Keyes said. “That investigation included offering himself up as a human guinea pig and taking testosterone while he competed in a number of big races. It was a provocative and brave decision, one that led to a lot of praise and condemnation among his peers, important conversations in the cycling community, and an outstanding book, The Doper Next Door"

>>> Remebering my friend Andrew Tiln <<<

RIP: Anrdrew Tiln, left. Photo Credit: Strava

Author of ‘The Doper Next Door’ Dies Changing a Flat Tyre after Car Crashes into Him


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