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Over 450 tackled the inaugural Mt. Evans Gran Fondo

Close to 1,000 Gran Fondo and competitive cyclists aiming for the state hill climb championship prize took on the 14,265 foot summit in the 49th edition last Saturday, July 26. From the start in Idaho Springs cyclists would cover 27 miles and climb 6,915 feet to reach to top of Mt. Evans. Riders in each class, including the Gran Fondo with 450 participants, soon spread out along the road as they found the rhythm that suited their fitness and ambition.

On Saturday the thermometer registered 45 degrees Fahrenheit at the top. While storm clouds gathered in gray clumps to the west, by some miracle the wind didn’t howl. Riders of different ages and sizes arrived in a steady stream.

The fastest Gran Fondo rider, Gregory Dobbin, crossed the line after 2 hours 12 minutes for the Gran Fondo KOM. Men who hauled ten or even twenty extra pounds into the thin air hung over their bikes, breathing rapidly. Petra Bolfing crossed the line in 2 hours 40 minutes to take the Gran Fondo QOM.

Everyone seemed happy to be there, even those who had walked bikes around the final bend on the highest paved road in the US. 

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Over 450 tackled the inaugural Mt. Evans Gran Fondo