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Strava Heat Map shows the growing popularity of North American Cycling

Strava has updated its global heatmap showing the breakdown of more than one billion activities

The heatmap incorporates data from 10 million individual athletes and covers cycling, running, kiteboarding and mountaineering.

Altogether, Strava users have logged a total of 27 billion kilometres or around 200,000 years of activity.

The heatmap, developed in conjunction with Strava Metro, helps app users look at popular routes and sport destinations within their area whilst also showing the broader activities of their fellow Strava users.

A closer look at the global heatmap shows a glowing hotbed of activity in North America with some surprising hot spots.

San Francisco, Los Angeles, Vancouver, Seattle, Denver, Pheonix, Calgary and Edmonton light up the west coast.

In the east, Florida, Texas, all of the Blue Ridge Mountains and all around the Great lakes and most of the North East glow red hot.

Moving south, Puerto Rico, Mexico City and Dominican Republic all shine bright.

The map below is just cycling activity and excludes swimming, running, snowboarding and kite surfing, to name a few other sports recorded regularly by athletes.

Florida, Texas, Southern California And Arizona, to name a few, look like some of the best places to head this winter!

Head over here to explore the map in more detail: https://labs.strava.com/heatmap/#4.60/-92.03571/36.86904/hot/ride

Strava Heat Map shows the growing popularity of North American Cycling