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2018 Vermont Gran Fondo sees the return of the LAMB

Vermont's Premier cycling event returns to the Classic Four Gap course on June 30th 2018, which features the BRUTAL climb of the Lincoln Gap, one of the toughest paved climbs in North America!

The Green Mountain State’s premier cycling event already has a reputation for challenging climbs and breathtaking views, and will once again offer an abundance of both as the routes criss-cross Addison County, which Yankee magazine has hailed as “the best road biking in New England.”

The 2018 Vermont Gran Fondo course will see the return of the LAMB, the original 4 gap course. Rivaling many rides in the western U.S., Vermonters call mountain passes “gaps,” and you’ll traverse four of them: Appalachian Gap (west to east), Lincoln Gap (east to west), Brandon Gap (west to east) and Middlebury Gap (east to west). With a 24% maximum grade and an average grade of 15%, the east side of Lincoln Gap is reported to be the steepest paved mile in the U.S., according to Bicycling Magazine (June 2008) and now one of the world’s steepest climbs by Global Cycling Network (GCN).

The Gran course will again push the limits with 10,736 ft of climbing and 114 miles.

VIDEO: Lincoln Gap Named in top 9 Steepest Climbs in the World

Depending on your level of fitness and aggression you should expect to be in the saddle 5 to 10 hours. 

Refueling stops are in the planning stages so watch their Facebook page be available at the peak of every gap and mechanical/sag support is provided by local mechanics; Frog Hollow Bikes, VBT and Discovery Bicycle Tours.

Sounds challenging? You betcha! How about the Medio?

The Medio Difficile distance (67+ miles) traverses the Appalachian gap and Lincoln Gap with 7K+ feet of climbing. If that sounds like too much for your palate, try the Medio Facile (aka “Challenge Lite”), an skip out on the steep grade of Lincoln Gap(15% average)by taking on Brandon and Middlebury Gaps for a total of 62 miles and 4,626′ of climbing.

Still too much for your taste?

Then try the low calorie version, the Piccolo: ~39 miles and  2,850′ feet of climbing.

King and Queen of the Mountains Competition

For those wanting to really test their mettle, the routes include timed sections on each Gap.

Riders can compete for the fastest overall time and take home coveted KOM and QOM trophies again this year.

2018 Course Highlights Announced

With sustained grades of 20% to 24% on Lincoln Gap–the steepest paved mile in the U.S. Gran Fondo, Medio Difficile & Facile Fondos and Piccolo Fondo routes include stretches of iconic Vermont dirt roads. They are hard packed and easily traversed: Approximately 11 miles for Gran riders, 15 miles for Medio Difficile, 3 miles for Medio Facile, and 7 miles for Piccolo. Loop route for Gran, Medio Difficile and Piccolo while the Medio Facile as a lollipop loop.

Starting and finishing in Middlebury, Vermont from the Woodchuck Cider House, there are Rest stops spaced at approximately every 20 miles, all stocked with water, Gatorade, food, first aid supplies. In addition, there are lots of Country stores and bathrooms along the way in Bristol, East Middlebury, Middlebury, Warren, Ripton, Lincoln, Salsbury and Hancock. Support includes Mechanical and “SAG” vans.

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2018 Vermont Gran Fondo sees the return of the LAMB