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United States >> Campagnolo GFNY World Championship to be LIVE Streamed from New York

Thousands Tune in to watch Campagnolo GFNY World Championship in New York

Race was livestreamed from 6am to noon on Sunday May 19 and we joined fans to watch all the action, as thousands of riders from all over the world tackled two tough courses around NYC

The Gran Fondo started at 07:00 EST on inconic Washington Bridge, the Campagnolo GFNY World Championship was the most exciting GFNY NYC ever. 

To further fuel the race action, the first rider to break 4 hours would receive $10,000 in cash!

In the first 30 minutes of the race, the first climb split the peloton with about 60 riders out in front.

After 30 minutes of racing, two local riders went away through downtown Piermont, they were Ben Gordetski and Cedric Hass, trying to break the four hour record.

Ben Gordetski (Brooklin) and Cedric Hass (France) had a lead of 2m 15 seconds over the lead group of around 60 riders.

After 1 hour of racing, Ben Gordetski (Brooklin) and Cedric Hass (France) were about 2 minutes off,  the 4 hour record pace.

Camilla Cortes, 12 time GFNY champion was in the 60 strong chase group, around 2 minutes behind.

After 2 hours of racing on Bear Mountain, Cedric Hass (France) attacked, distancing breakaway companion Ben Gordetski (Brooklin) 

Just over 50 miles and 2h 18s of racing in the foothills of Bear Mountain, a group of 30 riders passed Ben Gordetski (Brooklin), and were chasing lone breakaway leader Cedric Hass (France) 

Cedric Hass's lead was down to 45 seconds as the chase group of 15 riders closed in. He'd been out there for well over 50 miles. He and Ben Gordetski (Brooklin) attacked on the Ranger Station climb after 10 miles.

The chase group included Eric Post (Brooklyn), 3 Colombians and Gomez (Miami)

Cedric Hass (France) was reeled in, as the chase group attacked, he only had around 10 seconds.

After nearly 3 hours, Cedric Hass was caught, local rider Bill Ash was in the lead group as the attacks started, it was fast and furious!

After 3 hours of racing, 2 riders, Jochen Wallenborn and Hernandez, had a 30 second lead.

Four riders were at the front of the race, one of them was Jeremiah Bishop and the other is Ricardo Pichetta (Italy)

We expected attacks from the four leaders as they entered the final part of the race, it was rolling hills all the way to the finish.

With under 10 miles to go Jeremiah Bishop and Ricardo Pichetta got a small gap, they stil had some climbs including River Road.

The four riders were coming onto the final climb, called (we think) Dykeman. Jeremiah Bishop is not known for his sprint, so we expected some attacks.

Just 7 kms to go for the four race leaders, but no $10,000 USD prize today.

Colombian Daniel Hernandez was the first to attack and with 3 kms to go on the final climb, Daniel Hernandez was dropped

Ricardo Pichetta attacked, only Jeremiah Bishop could follow, but he lost some ground on the climb.

Ricardo Pichetta outsprinted Jeremiah Bishop and Jochen Wallenborn, however the Jury looked into Ricardo Pichetta's final sprint, having interfered with Jeremiah Bishop.

Bishop stated that Pichetta blocked him left and right and hit the inflatable finsh line.

After a long and detailed examination by the race Jury, they awarded American MTB endurance star Jeremiah Bishop 1st place at the 2019 GFNY World Championship.

Italian Ricardo Pichetta was second and European GFNY champion Jochen Wallenborn was third.

In the women's race, Jill Patterson overhauled Camila Cortes from Colombia and crossed the line first, with Camila Cortes second and Janine Meyer was third

2019 GFNY World Championship Results

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VIDEO: 2019 GFNY World Championship Highlights

LIVESTREAM: 2019 GFNY World Championship

American MTB endurance star Jeremiah Bishop 1st place at the 2019 GFNY World Championship


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