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Bike Sports launches Gravel Graceland experiences for the summer and fall of 2021

Gravel Graceland: A vast expanse of diverse gravel riding in Northern Colorado made up of diverse gravel riding terrain from flint hills to 12,000 foot dirt passes this May, September and October

To journey by bike in this region is to experience cycling. This area of Northern Colorado contains some of the purest, rock and roll, mixed terrain experiences you can get in the world, that’s why it’s called Gravel Graceland.

Longtime pros Zack and Whitney Allison figured out they lived and trained somewhere special. They were left in awe of Gravel Graceland too many times to not name the region and share their experiences with others. They own Bike Sports, and they want to take you on a ride.

Fort Collins is ground zero of this geographically amazing area of cycling, offering diverse mixed terrain routes. Gravel Graceland as an experience will bring riders 39-48 mile rides each day, for three unique experiences. 2021 dates include May 14-16, September 3-5, and October 15-17th. It will be just the right amount of adventure, push your comfort zone while also still being fun. Beyond riding, it includes everything you need to be comfortable on the ride from SAG with mechanical support, to Ibis Demo bikes, and Eliel Cycling masks provided for protection while in small groups. Three slots are available through a BIPOC Entry program for the upcoming experiences and the form is available on the website.

With COVID in mind, Bike Sports works with the Larimer County Health Department on guidelines to keep riders safe including mask guidelines, group size limits, sanitary practices, and more. Of course riders need to decide if the camp is right for them at this time, but Bike Sports believes that with the practices in place, riders’ experiences won’t be diminished.

Whitney and Zack share over two decades of pro-level road and gravel racing between them and Bike Sports is an avenue for them to bring you along for the ride and see the world as they see it. Live like a king or queen slurping the oysters of the world’s most picturesque riding locations. They will bring you an experience by bicycle. If you’re wondering if cycling is your thing, it will be after you hang out with them.

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