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Obsessive Cycling Disorder is Real

Planet Ultra have seen the symptoms for over two decades. While it may go unnoticed at first, once you're seriously infected, the signs are clear. There's no cure - and it's highly contagious!

Please note some of the more obvious symptoms: A healthy, active and fun lifestyle; potential weight loss and muscle gain; increased cardiovascular fitness; daydreaming of N+1; incessant route planning; funny tan lines.

Who else is infected with joy, fun, and adventure?

Here's your chance to playfully expose your habit - and hopefully spread it around:  Plante Ultra's NEW, ready for the holidays OCD jersey design is awesome high-viz orange, scientifically proven to make you more visible while riding; available in both men's and women's cuts.
Made by Blackbottoms Cyclewear. $89 includes tax and shipping within USA.
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