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GFNY Bogota

July 17 2022
Bogota, Colombia
Date Confirmed
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Distances: 80, 121 km
Difficulty: Moderate terrain with rolling short steep hills or moderate, sustained climbs

Colombia is a country seeped in bike racing culture, and a visit to this dream cycling destination is a must-do for every cyclist. The fervent passion for cycling can be felt in every aspect of daily life in Colombia, which makes for an experience like no other.

Bogota is the capital of and largest city in Colombia. It is a place of convergence for people from all around the country, making it diverse and multicultural. It is the melting pot of Colombia. This diversity drives a fascinating cultural, culinary and social way of life that makes for an exciting and memorable visit that you’ll want to repeat.

The GFNY Bogota course starts and finishes in the charming town of Guatavita, at an elevation of 2725m. You'll warm up your legs as you make your way to Sesquile, a nearby colonial town, and back, over a relatively flat 40km. You'll enjoy the beautiful views of Guatavita Lake and lush greenery covering the rolling hills of the Bogota savanna.

The course then takes a left turn onto Calle 8, which is the beginning of the first major challenge: La Cuchilla, from Guasca. Starting at 2625m, this 14km-long ascent will 735m of climbing wow you with beautiful, rich, green Andes mountain views and numerous switchbacks. The scenery will help distract you from the challenge in your legs and lungs as you make your way to La Cuchilla’s summit at 3360m.

Once at the top of Cuchilla, put on your jacket or vest for the descent. The medium distance riders turn around and head back to the finish line in Guatavita, while the long distance riders take on the fast and beautiful descent down the other side of La Cuchilla, which is arguably the most beautiful part of the course.

The 20km descent will provide some recovery, but will drop you to the lowest point of the course, at 2390m. From this side, the La Cuchilla climb will be that same 20km you just descended and 1025m of climbing.

Once you reach the summit of La Cuchilla, it’s just 25km until the finish line in Guatavita, but the race is not over yet. The 14km descent will make you work, with its turns and switchbacks. At the bottom of the descent, find a group to cover the fast, flat, and straight 7kms before the final challenge of the day. The final 3km climb to the finish line in Guatavita has a manageable 3.4% average, but after racing almost 120km with 2500m, the climb will put a sting in your legs. There will be a total of 6 fully stocked aid stations on the race course, especially at the top of La Cuchilla.

Back in Guatavita, a festive post-race celebration with finisher medals, music and awards awaits. Check out the local crafts market and all that Guatavita has prepared for GFNY Bogota athletes to celebrate your accomplishments on this amazing day.

GFNY Bogota

Start Located At: Bogota, Colombia
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