GFNY Tunja

August 25 2024
Tunja, Colombia
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Distances: 80, 121 km
Difficulty: Moderate terrain with rolling short steep hills or moderate, sustained climbs
Tunja is located in the state of Boyaca in the eastern Colombian Andes mountains, at 2800m. Boyaca's majestic mountains provide GFNY cyclists breathtaking views, challenge and fun.

Boyaca is considered the capital of cycling in Colombia due to its multitude of mountain passes, which provide ideal training conditions and develop Colombia’s cycling champions. The roads they train on are the same that you will race on.
Nestled in the eastern range of the Andes mountains at 2800m, GFNY Tunja starts at the historic city center of Tunja, at Plaza Bolivar. A race start in such a powerful, significant, historic place will give you goosebumps.  

The course heads out through Tunja's quaint colonial streets lined with pre-Hispanic architecture for the first few kilometers. The race starts with a slight uphill, to 3000m, providing you a good warmup for the rest to come. 

You then head out to the Boyaca countryside known for its beautiful green hills and densely forested mountain slopes. Don’t worry yet as the route is relatively flat with several downhills for another 40 kilometers, to 2100m.

Once you reach the lowest section of the course, at Sáchica, the courses split: the medium route riders climb back to the finish, and the long course riders head out to race a fast and flat 45km-long out-and-back section, following the Sutamarchan River valley. The thin air will provide less wind resistance, get into a good group and enjoy! Soak in the beauty of the nature and quaint villages of Boyaca, like Sáchica, Sutamarchán, Tinjacá and Ráquira.

Hopefully you’ve been pacing yourself well. From Sáchica, both long and medium route riders are climbing back all the elevation you descended at the start of the race. This 22km-long HC-category climb with 1000m of ascent (from 2100m to 3000m, plus a 90m descent) is going to be a test of your endurance, strength and willpower. The maximum incline of 15% and average of 5% is going to be a challenge at altitude. Your reward: the awe-inspiring views.

The final 10km are flat and downhill, but the descent is gentle, so it will be a working descent with your group. The final climb to Tunja’s historic city center & the GFNY Tunja finish line will make your quads burn, but the finisher medal and post-race celebrations will feel even more earned.

GFNY Tunja


Start Located At: Tunja, Boyaca, Colombia
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