New Grand Trophée event in the Vosges

Starting and finishing in La Bresse the parcours of the newest addition to France’s Grand Trophée series is as yet undecided, and that’s because its organisers are running a competition to let one rider choose the course

Sporcommunication and Golazo Sports are running a competition to let one rider plot the course around the surrounding climbs. With ascents of La Bresse, Remiremont and Plombières-Les-Bains-Xertigny on the shortlist, the Gran Fondo will likely offer three courses with distances of around 88km, 115km and 160km and a maximum 3,500 metres of climbing.

Known as ‘Ballons’ because of the way their gently rounded peaks swell upwards like a hot air balloon viewed from above, the Vosges Mountains feature plenty of options.

With the event taking place on the 20th May 2018, this year the Tour de France visits the region with Stage five finishing on the nearby La Planche des Belles Filles, giving prospective riders a good chance to scope out the terrain.

The Vosges was the first mountain range to ever be included in the Tour back in the 1905 edition.

While there are higher and more brutal climbs in the better known Alps and Pyrenees, the idiosyncratic character of the region’s unrelenting yet frequently forest shrouded climbs makes them a unique challenge.

With its route undecided, the Gran Fondo Vosges will become the 11th event in the Grand Trophée series, for which competitors attempting more than one ride can gain cumulative placings.

2018 Grand Trophee Series Registration Opens November 13th, find out more details on our 2018 Grand Trophee series below.

Please Note: From November 6th to 12th, only "PACKAGES" registrations are open. From November 13th, registrations will be open for all events. 

New Grand Trophée event in the Vosges

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