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Good weather holds for over 7,000 cyclists on the Marmotte Gran Fondo

Good weather holds for over 7,000 cyclists who tackled one of the hardest Gran Fondo's yesterday in the French Alps. 32 degrees Fahrenheit and snow on the mountains at the very top of Alpe d'Huez provided an incredible backdrop to some heroic efforts from amateurs cyclists from around the world.

July 2014 - La Marmotte GranFondo is an epic ride - one that every rider should have on their bucket list!

The route covers 174km of alpine cycling featuring the epic Col du Glandon and Col du Galibier. These mythical cols are among the most feared Tour de France mountain passes.

After an epic 5,180m of climbing, La Marmotte finishes with the tortuos ascent of 21 hairpin bends to Alpe d’Huez (1,880m), scene of many breathtaking finishes in Le Tour.

The 174km Gran Fondo course includes an astounding 5,180m (17,000 feet) of climbing!

Thanks to Jaques Bike from Belgium who kept in touch "merci ;) yes we did, B. M. JL and i respectively 7h19, 7h20, 7h43 and 7h33. Nice Wheather. Ciao".

Some impressive times as anywhere under 7.5 hrs in Gold Standard. Chapeau!

174km Gran Fondo -

76km Mini Marmotte -

13km Alpe d-Huez Time Trial -

Marmotte Gran Fondo Results 2014

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