Colnago Gran Fondo National E-Fondo Championship Series
United States >> 2021 Colnago USA Gran Fondo National Series

e-Fondo Jensie Sunday February 28th, click here for the start times and link to signup for chosen time on RGT

Riders need to enter in advance to secure a place, riders also need to login up to 30 mins in advance of the race.

Jensie e-Fondo

Sunday, February 28
27.3 miles, 4440 ft
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Download e-Fondo Series Rider Guide

The e-Fondo Series Rider Guide includes everything you need to know about getting started with the RGT Cycling app, joining an event, participating in the series, and potentially winning great recovery products from Hyperice in our raffles! The complete schedule, filtered by time zone, is also in the Rider Guide. 

Click here to download the rider guide.