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VIDEO: Watch “The B.I.G. Cycle of Life" 

Watch how Bluewater International Granfondo has become a renowned Canadian event and see how the brilliant combination of bike riding, community involvement and palliative care demonstrates the best of the human spirt on many different levels

The B.I.G. Cycle of Life takes you behind the scenes of the Granfondo organization and introduces you to passionate leaders and frontline workers as they dedicate themselves to providing critically important, dignified care for our loved ones. Families share emotional stories of firsthand experience with Palliative Hospice Care. Viewers get immersed in the Granfondo journey that began as a passion project amongst a few like-minded cyclists and quickly became a passionate community event with over 200 volunteers.

Each year Bluewater International Granfondo comes ( together as a community of 1,000 cyclists raising awareness for cycling. As a 100% volunteer-driven organization, we are proud to have supported our mission by creating a more active community while simultaneously raising over $240,000 for Hospice Palliative Care education and the funding of the annual Bluewater Palliative Care Retreat

"We made this documentary to tell the story of the symbiotic relationship between the cycling community and the hospice/palliative care community - what we didn’t expect was the outpouring of comments from so many people expressing a new understanding of palliative care".
Dr. Glen Maddison, Medical Director St Joseph's Hospice, Sarnia, ON

"I was touched and inspired by the B.I.G. Cycle of Life. The story of the Bluewater International Granfondo and its devoted group of volunteers was interweaved brilliantly with the palliative care setting. The end-of-life conversation was raised in a frank but compassionate manner, and the documentary showed how palliative care education goes hand-in-hand with peaceful and dignified death. The cinematography and editing were wonderful as well. Hoping the doc can be shared in a wider context for the benefit of many.”
Marc D., Toronto, ON

Stay tuned for BIG - the 2022 edition - details to be announced shortly!

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