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UCI to investigate Cancellara mechanical doping claims

Ex-pro Phil Gaimon’s claim that Fabian Cancellara used a hidden motor during his career has infuriated UCI's president David Lappartient, who vows to fully investigate the matter. Cancellara's attack analyzed!

Cycling news around the world was set alight yesterday after several leading cycling websites reported on Phil Gaimon's claims in his new autobiography, Draft Animals. Gaimon wrote "When you watch the footage, his accelerations don't look natural at all, like he's having trouble staying on the top of the pedals. That fucker probably did have a motor" .

Cancellara was also accused of mechanical doping after an Italian film claimed to show how the Swiss rider used a hidden, battery powered motor.

Lappartient said that the UCI would seek more information on the allegations levelled by Gaimon against Cancellara.

Lappartient told the press "What I would say regarding the case you are speaking about is that I will try to have more information and we will investigate. We will investigate because we need to know exactly what is behind this. Of course, I heard all the rumours, like everybody, and I just want to know exactly. So we will investigate, that is our job. At this level, I cannot say more than this, but I hope that this never happened in professional cycling."

"If this was the case, it would be a disaster for the image of cycling and that's why we have to fight. I want the people and the fans on the road to be able to trust the result, trust the UCI and trust the controls from our institutions."

Lappartient has vowed to clean up cycling's image, ridding the sport of doping, corruption and safety allegations.

Gaimon has stood by his accusations and tweeted today "As always when my inbox gets flooded with hate mail and fan mail simultaneously, shoutout to everyone who gets me, everyone who reads context, and I'm going for a bike ride."

So far ten of thousands of people, have watched the video below of Cancellara attacking Boonen on the Muur to win 2010 Tour Of Flanders, in the replay Cancellara effortessly rides away from Boonen whose on the rivett and opens up a 300 meter gap on the steep slopes of the Murr in less than a few minutes.

Check out this amazing post from Crazy Beehive, The Anatomy Of a Cancellara Attack where by it is believed Cancellara put out over 1,450 Watts during the attack on the Muur.

VIDEO: Cancellara attacks Boonen on the Muur to win 2010 Tour Of Flanders

VIDEO: Italian Motor Doping Documentary

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