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Fabian Cancellara challenges Phil Gaimon to a Race 

Fabian Cancellara has invited Phil Gaimon to race head-to-head at one of his bike challenges. Phil wants there to be Cookies.

Retired pro-cyclist Fabian Cancellara has invited ex-professional Phil Gaimon to race him at one of his bike challenges.

Cancellara invited Phil Gaimon to take part in one of his Chasing Cancellara events in 2018 via twitter: “Hi Phil Gaimon, I actually don’t know you but I kindly invite you to beat me at one of my eight Chasing Cancellara races, next year, in 2018. You choose the date out of five countries.I am very curious to see how much watts you can push! Start training!”

The tweet finished with the pun #nomotorneeded.

Phil Gaimon responded asking, “Are there cookies? Bike rides should have cookies!”.

The former Cannondale rider hosts one of California's Premier Gran Fondo's.

Phil’s Cookie Fondo takes place every October and is one of California's fastest growing bike rides and featured in Gran Fondo Guide's Top 15 Gran Fondo's for 2017.

It attracts well over 1,000 riders and the 2017 edition sold out well in advance.

The invitation came after Gaimon's book suggested that Cancellara may have used a motor to win the 2010 Tour of Flanders.

Cancellara requested that Gaimon's book "Draft Animals" be taken off the shelves, however Gaimon responded in an offical statement: In "Draft Animals," I repeated a rumor that's well-documented and many years old, and I presented it as such. I stand by my opinion, but it's exactly that, and anyone who actually opened the book would know that what I said was far from an "accusation." Put a gun to my head and that's what I believe so I'd be a liar if I left it out, but I claim no revelations or proof, so I don't see it being "taken off the shelves" except by the folks buying it.

The book "Draft Animals" it has received rave reviews at Sports Illustrated and

It's very doubtful that any investigation into the contraversy surrounding Fabian Cancellara would amount to any actual evidence, especially as it took place over 6 years ago.

Could the pair could settle the matter in a friendly bit of competition?

Fabian Cancellara has invited Phil Gaimon to race head-to-head at one of his bike challenges. Phil wants there to be Cookies involved

About Draft Animals

Like countless other kids, Phil Gaimon grew up dreaming of being a professional athlete. But unlike countless other kids, he actually pulled it off. After years of amateur races, hard training, living out of a suitcase, and never taking “no” for an answer, he finally achieved his goal and signed a contract to race professionally on one of the best teams in the world.

Now, Gaimon pulls back the curtain on the WorldTour, cycling’s highest level. He takes readers along for his seasons in Europe, covering everything from rabid, water-bottle-stealing Belgian fans, to contract renewals, to riding in poisonous smog, to making friends in a sport plagued by doping. Draft Animals reveals a story as much about bike racing as it is about the never-ending ladder of achieving goals, failure, and finding happiness if you land somewhere in-between.

The book has launched with great reviews from Sports Illustrated and being hailed an "Honest and engaging account of one rider's life at (or near) the top of the sport."

Draft Animals - Honest and engaging account of one riders life at (or near) the top of the sport."

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