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Watch: Cop in Car hits Cyclist Head On Whilst on the Phone

Missouri State Highway Patrol suspend cop after he hit's cyclist Joe Fasanello whilst on the phone in a patrol car

Joe Fasanello was struck head-on at a stop sign by a police cruiser in rural Missouri. Fasanello caught the shocking incident on video using his helmet-mounted camera. The police officer was looking at his phone as he was making a turn and ran directly into him.

“I was struck head-on by a local police officer using his cell phone. He received a text from a fellow officer and decided to read that while making a turn onto my road. I was stopped…there is no excuse to use your phone at the wheel,” cyclist Joe Fasanello said to WGN9 news.

Fasanello was riding in Peculiar, Missouri and stopped at a T intersection. Officer Charles Wallacemade cut the corner in a left hand turn struck Fasanello head-on.

Wallacemade immediately admits to having been distracted by a text message. Fasanello was scraped and bruised but not seriously injured, although his Carbon might not be in such good condition.

The Missouri State Highway Patrol is investigating and the officer has been suspended with pay until the conclusion of the investigation.