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United States | Southeast | Virginia >> Driver Mounts Bike Path to Overtake Cyclists Who were Cops!

Driver Mounts Bike Path to Overtake Cyclists Who were Cops!

Video footage has started to trend showing a frustrated driver taking the law into his own hands by driving on a bike lane which backfired spectacularly

An Australian motorist who shouted a tirade of abuse at cyclists he accused of hogging a minor road has just found out they were off-duty police officers.

The driver recorded himself and then posted the footage – which you can view below – online. It has since been viewed millions of times.

The driver had been dubbed an “Aussie hero” by some motoring Facebook pages, with many people cheering him on for what they felt was an hilarious video.

However, it has now emerged the two cyclists were off-duty police officers. And the motorist has since been tracked down and charged with a range of offences.

The incident took place at Swamp Road, between Dunmore and Jamberoo in New South Wales.

The footage shows the cyclists riding on the road and the motorist driving on the cycleway that runs parallel to the road.

The driver seems annoyed the cyclists are on the road rather than using the cycleway. And so he drives onto the cycleway and passes the cyclists.

As he does, he shouts at them while filming the incident from behind the wheel for sharing later.

“’What’s the point of us spending this money if you’re not going to use it, you f*cking d*ckheads?” he shouts.

One of the cyclists  replies: “Pull over, so I can have a chat”.

However, in reply the driver says: “Fuck off, fucking idiot; use the bike track.”

Lake Illawarra Police began an investigation. Indeed, two of its members who were off-duty at the time are the riders in the clip.

The 28-year-old driver handed himself in. Community safety officer Sergeant Ellen Jackson said the man would be issued a future court attendance notice for a number of offences, including using his mobile phone while driving, offensive language and for driving on the path. He will face court at a later date.