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Date Event Location Routes Diff  Type My Rides
Jan 22 Evans Cycles Newbury Sportive Cross Hampshire, South East, UK 24, 38 miles C GRAVEL
Jan 29 Sportcross Clitheroe, North West, UK 30 miles D GRAVEL
Feb 12 Chilterns Wildwood CX Berkshire, South East, UK 40, 60, 80 km C GRAVEL
Feb 19 Mille Maglia CX Sportive Suffolk, East Of England, UK 62 miles C GRAVEL
Mar 05 Gravel Rush Clitheroe, North West, UK 40. 56 miles D GRAVEL
Mar 05 Evans Cycles Leeds Sportive Cross Leeds, Yorkshire, UK 36 miles C GRAVEL
Mar 05 Surrey Hills Gravelcross Surrey, South East, UK 40, 60, 80 km C GRAVEL
Mar 25 Haldon Heroic CX Sportive Exeter, South West, UK 15, 36, 50 miles D GRAVEL
Mar 26 Evans Cycles Gatwick Sportive Cross West Sussex, South East, UK 33, 45 miles C GRAVEL
Apr 02 Moors and Shores Adventure Cross Pickering, Yorkshire, UK 43, 58 miles C GRAVEL
Apr 09 South Downs Gravelcross CX Hampshire, South East, UK 52, 60, 76km C GRAVEL
Apr 22 Dirty Reiver Keidler Forest, North East, UK 200 km E GRAVEL
Apr 29 - Apr 30 Dorset Gravel Dash Dorset, South West, UK 100 miles, 2 days C GRAVEL
Apr 30 Dorset Gravel Dash 100 Dorset, South West, UK 100 miles D GRAVEL
May 14 Bucks Off Road Sportive Hertfordshire, East Of England, UK 75, 100, 125 km D GRAVEL
May 21 Peak District Pioneer Adventure Cross Derbyshire, East Midlands, UK 45, 69 miles C GRAVEL
May 21 Battle in the Bowl Winchester, South East, UK 32, 40, 61km C GRAVEL
Jun 16 - Jun 18 Eroica Britannia Derbyshire, East Midlands, UK 30, 55, 100m D GRAVEL
Jun 24 - Jun 25 Yorkshire True Grit Yorkshire, UK 20, 40, 60 miles D GRAVEL
Jul 08 CX Century - South Downs Way Winchester, South East, UK 62, 100 miles D GRAVEL
Sep 10 Gran Fonduro Tweed Valley, Scotland, UK 90km C GRAVEL
Sep 24 White Horse Ridge CX Oxfordshire, South East, UK 30, 44, 75km C GRAVEL
Oct 01 Galloway Gallop Adventure Cross Dumfries, Scotland, UK 42, 67 miles C GRAVEL
Oct 15 Lakeland Monster Miles Adventure Cross Cumbria, North West, UK 42, 62 miles C GRAVEL
Oct 15 Wiggle Gold Rush CX Wiltshire,South West, UK 38, 54, 75km C GRAVEL