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United States | Southeast | Virginia >> Wipe Out! Cyclist taken out by a deer while descending at top speed!

VIDEO: Wipe Out! Cyclist taken out by a deer while descending Mount Lemmon at 50 mph!

A U.S. cyclist had an unlucky escape after a deer ran out in front of him and hit him head on while descending Mount Lemmon in Tucson, Arizona

The cyclist hit the deer descending the 35km long climb of Mount Lemmon and was thrown off his bike. The bike broke in two and bounced across the road, just missing an oncoming cyclist going up the climb.

The incident occurred on the Mount Lemmon last weekend, without warning.

The cyclist had no time to react and the incident was recorded on a backward facing camera, from the rider ahead of him.

The footage has emerged on YouTube, though the cyclist involved in the incident has not been identified.

The deer struggles to its feet in shock and runs away, shaken - but not hurt.

The cyclist sustained road rash, a broken foot, and not to mention a broken bike. The famous Mount Lemmon climb is 35km long, averaging five per cent and a favorite for cyclists all over North America in the winter time due to the mild temperatures.

VIDEO: Oh Deer!