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United States | Southeast | Virginia >> SHOCKING: Huge Finish Line Crash at Gran Fondo Malaysia

SHOCKING VIDEO: Huge Finish Line Crash at Gran Fondo Malaysia

Rider Sprinting for the Line, Slams into Finishing Group Ahead and is Wiped out

Video of two riders mixing it up and sliding under the finish banner at CIMB Cycle Gran Fondo Malaysia.

Turn up sound to the full impact as the rider yells to the riders he ploughs into. 

Bruised, scraped and beaten, luckily both riders were ok.

It was a rough ending to a very smooth event, which hosted 3,700 cyclists from 26 countries, including UK, Singapore, Brunei, Thailand, Australia, Germany and South Africa.

The 160km Gran Fondo route, which began and ended at the Ministry of Finance building in Putrajaya, took riders past wildlife reserves, historic sites and the iconic Mercu Tanda Putrajaya landmark, with over 3000m of climbing.