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United States | Southeast | Virginia >> VIDEO: Michele Scarponi's parrot Frankie finds new training partner!

VIDEO: Michele Scarponi's parrot Frankie finds new training partner!

Orphaned since the tragic death of Michele Scarponi, Frankie found a new bestie!

The parrot, a famous inhabitant of Filottrano, Italy, didn't just choose anyone! He landed on the back of Antonio Nibali, Vincenzo Nibali’s brother, who recently moved to the area.

Frankie became famous thanks to Michele Scarponi who revealed the existence of this special partner way back in 2016.

The Former Giro d'Italia winner and Team Astana rider, Scarponi was killed instantly in collision with a van on a crossroads near his home in Filottrano, Italy in 2017

After his tragic death, heartbreaking photos revealed Frankie at the side of the road waiting for his best friend.

Three years later, Frankie has happily found a new shoulder to train on and he wisely chose another pro cyclist too.

Susanna Panzini from Bike Division Tours USA a Cycling Tour Guide and Road Racer commented "Actually Frankie kept riding with all the local cyclists... except for the months that she got hit by a car and had surgery on her wing... we are glad to see her riding at a “pro” speed. She is beautiful and very friendly. she also cheers the kids playing soccer. she knows when they are out and shows up on time for the games. it’s amazing riding with her. she loves to chew thou... I still have her bites on my helmet!"

God bless Frankie and Antonio, Bellisimo!

VIDEO: Besties: Frankie and Antonio