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Registration for 2022 Mallorca 312 opens Tuesday November 30th

The longest cycling event for amateur cyclists covering 194 miles (312 km), through the most amazing scenery of the Spanish Island is back for it's 12th edition next April

Registration for 2022 Mallorca 312 opens November 20th

The event is now in its twelth year takes place April 30th 2022, and continues to grow in popularity.

In 2021 despite COVID, 4,500 riders took part with over 7,000 riders expected post pandemic in 2022.

With 2,071 km of local roads and paths, Mallorca has become a prime destination for cyclists. Its varied orography, pleasant Mediterranean climate and cyclist-friendly infrastructure make this island a paradise for cyclists. Cycling can be done all year round, with October to May being the most best time of the year to do so. In December, it is common to see the world's biggest professional teams on the island's roads as they train and prepare for the cycling season.

If you think you're capable of something special or need a new challenge, if you like the sea and the mountains and want to discover one of the most spectacular spots in the Mediterranean, then this is for you.

In fact, there is a choice between three challenges which you can take part in:

- The Mallorca 312: The long distance route, with more than 4,500 meters of climbing and approx. 14 hours to achieve it.

- The Mallorca 225: The middle distance route, with more than 3,800 meters of climbing and approx. 10 hours to achieve it

- The Mallorca 167: The short but not less demanding route, with more than 2,500 meters of climbing and approx. 9 hours to achieve it.

To help riders get round within the time limit, there is a 'Green Dot Group' of local riders who set a steady speed in order to finish inside the allocated time.

General registration opens on Tuesday November 30th at 11AM CEST.

VIDEO: 2021 Mallorca 312

For more information about the Island of Mallorca, please visit: http://www.infomallorca.net