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2017 Marathon Franja

Maraton Franja BTC City

June 06 - June 08 2025
Ljubljana BTC CITY Slovenia
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Distances: 22, 97, 156 km
Difficulty: Difficult terrain with longer, steeper hills
Limited to: 5,000 or less Participants

All participants have to pass over the timing carpet, to activate chip time measurement.

From start, through the city of Ljubljana until Brezovica, the marathon is ridden in a controlled, closed fashion. In Brezovica (Prigo) there is a fly start (at the beginning of the slope), after the first car passes over the timing carpet.

During the marathon, roads will be closed (using tmobile block) for all participants who are not more than 60 minutes behind the leading group. At the end of the  last group, there will be a vehicle of the organizer, accompanied by a police car and will signalize (using a clear and loud sound) to the participants that they are more than 60 minutes behind the leading group. Those participants will be considered outside the mobile road block, and will have to respect the traffic regulations strictly, ride on the right side of the road; they will meet the vehicles of other traffic participants on the road.

Marathon will finish with the award ceremony at 16:30.