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Jail for Lance Armstrong's Doping Doctor

Italian doctor Michele Ferrari was handed an 18 months suspended prison sentence for his involvement in a doping scandal

The doctor who was at the centre of Lance Armstrong's doping has been given a suspended prison sentence by an Italian court.

Michele Ferrari was handed an 18-month suspended sentence for his part in a doping scandal.

Ferrari faced charges of doping and sport fraud in the case in Bolzano, involving an Italian biathlete Daniel Taschler when an intercepted phone call recorded in 2010 from Ferrari giving Taschler advice on how to take EPO.  Taschler was given a nine-month suspended sentence. His father, Gottlieb Taschler, former vice president of the International Biathlon Union, was given a 12-month suspended sentence.

Ferrari was handed a €4,500 fine, and had his medical licence revoked for 18 months.

Daniel Taschler, 28, was a member of Italy’s B squad when the inquiry surfaced and he was immediately suspended.

Armstrong admitted to taking EPO on recommendation from Ferrari, who was implicated in helping other professional cyclists from the Armstrong era, dope to win 

Cycling’s most nefarious physician, Dr. Michele Ferrari, claimed that “electric bikes have been used in the pro peloton since 2005

The controversial former doctor of Lance Armstrong, said in a interview with Italian newspaper, Corriere della Sera, “electric bikes? I tested them; the advantages are obvious. They have been used in races since 2005 and some professionals keep them at home to replace the workouts behind motorcycles. No one is interested in looking under the carpet. But sooner or later someone will talk.“

Lance Armstrong has been scheduled to go to trial on November 6th after failing to stop his doping lawsuit with the U.S. Federal Government. Damages could range anywhere from $32 to $100 million dollars.

Jail for Lance Armstrong´s Doping Doctor

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