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Introducing the 2017 FORTE at the RBC GranFondo Whistler

The RBC GranFondo Whistler features Canada’s most scenic highway from Vancouver to Whistler. September 9th 2017 will be the 8th annual event with 4,500 cyclists expected to come from around the world

During the ride there are 3 distance categories: the Medio (55km), the GranFondo (122km) and the Forte (152km).

The Forte is the ultimate challenge for every cyclist. Forte cyclists are considered the rock-stars of the event as they climb and descend Cypress Mountain in Vancouver before heading from sea-to-sky to iconic Whistler, adding an extra 800m of elevation and 30km distance for a truly bucket-list ride.

Introducing the 2017 FORTE at the RBC GranFondo Whistler

You'll get to witness the sight of an unforgettable sunrise over Vancouver from the summit of Cypress before rolling through the stunning British Columbia mountains and being treated like royalty at the finish line in Whistler. The biggest challenges of course, offer the greatest rewards!

Forte Elevation Profile

Forte Elevation Profile

• 3100m Climbing
• 152km Distance
• Cat 1 Cypress Climb

The Forte Cyclists

Here's some of the inspirational people who are riding the Forte in 2017.

Terry, Age 70

Terry, Age 70

Having taken up cycling 20 years ago, Terry has fallen in love with riding up as many hills as he can! Clocking an impressive 6:39:51 in the 2015 Forte, this year he returns to take on a category he describes as "amazing".

"The climb up Cypress is a fantastic way to start an event. No other event has this kind of starting challenge and it is extremely scenic. Both going up and coming back down, looking over the harbour - it's amazing."

I've ridden most of the major European climbs and entered 12 different Gran Fondos. Some of these other events maybe compare in certain ways, but none of them have the whole shooting match like the Forte does."

William - Age 12

William - Age 12, Photo Credit: Woodinville Bicycle

When William’s father, Jeremy, got in touch with RBC GranFondo Whisltler to see if his son was allowed to ride the Forte, the first thing they saw was his age. But then when they learned more about his riding, the only answer was a resounding yes.

Jeremy was on holiday in the south of France, suddenly the Tour de France came through and William, aged 7, was transfixed. By their own admission neither parent was particular active at the time, but Will's enthusiasm to try riding transformed the whole family's lifestyle.

"Normally it's the parents pushing their kids but with Will it's been the other way around. Not only do we love to go out riding as a family which has improved our health but it turns out he has some talent too - he recently became a state champ and absolutely loves it!"

Announcing the Forte Participant Medal: It’s as BIG as the event itself!

The RBC GranFondo Whistler team went for a ride up Cypress Mountain last week and bumped into Kelly Jablonski, winner of the Forte 2016! They showed him the NEW 2017 medal which all Forte riders will receive at the finish line. Weighing in at 2lbs, no wonder he exclaimed "look at that guy!"

Announcing the Forte Participant Medal: Its as BIG as the event itself!

The ultimate challenge deserves the ultimate medal. RBC GranFondo Whistler have curated the biggest, baddest one they could get our hands on - it's truly befitting of the Forte riders.

All these incredible athletes will be riding the Forte in 2017… Register and join Terry, William and Kelly in doing something amazing. The Forte category is limited to 280 cyclists.

Announcing the Forte Participant Medal: Its as BIG as the event itself!


New Forte Category: Team up!

NEW for 2017! Big achievements are better than when they are shared. This year, make a team of 2 to take on the Forte together. Whether you're a husband and wife, brother and sister, or just teaming up with your best mate, come together to create memories that mean more! There will be a mens, womens and mixed-team category within the Forte event.

To learn more about the RBC GranFondo Whistler, click here.

To learn more about the Forte, click here.

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