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Hit and Run: Driver Arrested with Serious Charges Filed

Cyclist Tyler Noe, was hit by a car on Natchez Trace while riding two abreast. The driver was traced, arrested and charged with multiple offences, with over 2 million hits online

Greg Goodman posted on facebook "Three hours ago this person intentionally hit my friend Tyler Noe on Natchez Trace. We had a witness behind us who said he has seen this same Volvo try to hit someone else last week. Tyler is at the hospital and doing ok. He is one TOUGH DUDE!"

This was in a park, not a highway or thoroughfare. Tthe signage makes it plainly clear cyclists are entitled to use the whole lane in this specific park, and speed limits are very low.  No traffic was impeded as the cars have the legal right to cross the double yellow.

Despite the collision, the driver never stopped. The 58-year-old driver was later apprehended and charged with reckless endangerment, leaving the scene of an accident, failure to immediately notify of an accident and failure to render aid according to a National Park Service report.

But the driver, Marshall Grant Neely III, who is the dean of students at University School of Nashville continues to deny his responsibility for slamming into the cyclist and sending him to hospital. According to the arrest report, Neely claims a man and woman were standing on the road and threw the bicycle at his car. He was placed on a leave of absence from the school after being arrested in connection to the incident.

“I only knew that I hit him when I got home and I answered the phone and got a death threat,” Neely reportedly told NewsChannel 5. “Since then, I’ve gotten at least 40 death threats.”

When asked if he saw the cyclists, Neely responded “No there are bikes all over the place. I didn’t see him…I feel very badly for the gentleman who collided with me and I assume we’ll see each other in court,” he continued adding that he does not think he is a bad man.

Tyler Noe has since been discharged from hospital, only suffering bruising from the violent collision.

Marshall Grant Neely is scheduled to appear in court on July 20th on the following charges:

Reckless endangerment
Leaving the scene of an accident
Failure to immediately notify an accident
Failure to render aid

In the Tennessee drivers have a legal responsibility to:

Pass cyclists with at least three feet or face prosecution
Drive with due care or face prosecution

In Tennessee Cyclists are legally allowed to:

Ride two abreast on Natchez Trace (as per state park signs)
Ride in the middle of the road where the road is narrow (to stop vehicles overtaking for safety reasons)

What jail term can Grant Neely face for Hit and Run?

In a similar case of hit and run, on Monday, July 25, 2016 at 8:53 a.m., in Madison Co, MS - Amy Biernat (44), of Madison, MS, was riding her bicycle north on the Parkway when she was struck by a white Nissan sedan. Because of the impact, Biernat suffered several injuries and was transported to the Baptist Hospital. The Nissan did not stop and was later found abandoned approximately 1.5 miles north along the Parkway. Parkway Rangers and the Ridgeland Police Department identified Jason Dwayne Perkins, 42, of Lena, MS as the driver of the vehicle who left the scene. An arrest warrant was issued, and he was later arrested by Scott County Deputies and transferred to Madison County Detention Center. 

On March 22, 2017, Perkins was convicted on the following charges stemming from the motor vehicle collision with Biernat in July; Failing to Move Over for a Bicyclist, Providing False Information, Leaving the Scene of an Accident, Reckless Driving andCausing a Vehicle Crash with a Bicyclist

Perkins is currently serving 18 years with the Mississippi Department of Corrections for these charges. 

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