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Froome could risk an "Even Longer Ban"

Froome's case very similar to Diego Ulissi's who was handed a nine month ban

In 2014 Diego Ulissi returned an adverse analytical finding for the same drug Sabutamol at 1,920 ng/ml, the maximim being 1,000 nb/ml. He underwent special tests in Switzerland to re-create the conditions, he was unable to prove his case and was handed a nine-month ban.

Froome's team and lawyers will argue that he didn't take more than prescribed amount and that his body didn't expel it, due to dehydration and physiological factors that may have disrupted the metabolism of salbutamol and excretion from his body, however Ulissi's lawyer has spoken out saying "If Froome cannot prove it, then he could get a longer ban."

He could lose his Vuelta Espana title and world championship bronze medal.

In Ulissi's case WADA and the UCI wanted a longer ban but didn't appeal. He was handed a nine months ban as he was able to explain why he was taking Sabutamol for health reasons. Under that premise Froome can expect a similar ban.

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However, if Froome cannot prove his case then he could get a longer ban. If he doesn't agree with the ban he can appeal it with CAS,  this can be a long drawn out process, risking an even longer time waiting for an appeal decision.

In any case, if Froome doesn't prove his case, then it looks increasing like he will be handed a ban.

The financial costs of a ban could be significant. Froome may have to re-pay race winnings. He would lose out future race winnings while serving the ban. This could easily rack up to anywhere from 1 to 4 million euros in lost earnings for a 9 months ban, even more for 2 years.

It's now up to Team Sky and Froome to prove their case to CADF, WADA and the UCI.

Froome's case will not be decided for several months

The Tour de France director Christian Prudhomme wants a quick resolution on the matter, hoping that Froome may be able to ride the 2018 Tour de France next July.

However, It's unlikely that any decision will be reached quickly, which will see Froome continue racing through Spring, the Giro d'Italia and beyond.
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Froome could risk an "Even Longer Ban"

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