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Senni and Portaluri fastest at 53rd edition of the Granfondo Nove Colli

Over 6,350 riders from 44 countries took part with 200 cyclists taking part in the new Gravel ride

The dawn in Cesenatico woke up with an unmistakable noise that happens only once a year, the rolling of wheels and pedals that can be heard so clearly in the city only on the day of the Nove Colli. From there on, it was a celebration: on the roads, at the rest stops, at the finish line, for the solidarity and spirit that have been renewing for 53 years without losing even a bit of its luster. The participants were rewarded for every effort with an exceptional pasta party, perfect for replenishing spent energy but also refined and conceived by the hands and mind of chef Omar Casali together with the team from Marè and the students of the Hotel School of Cervia.


A battle that once again enlivened the morning in Cesenatico and beyond. The Nove Colli is about coming together, a celebration of sport, and not just that, but also a lot of competition.

Manuel Senni from Sala di Cesenatico was the one to ignite it more than anyone else, winning and dominating the 200km race practically from the dawn of the event with decisive determination. The former professional managed to repeat last year’s success and took home his second Nove Colli in just eight months, spurred on by countless fans along the entire route.

The women's long course went to Giulia Portaluri, who won in a sprint after an exciting and hard-fought duel.

"Today was tough, I pulled as hard as I could because I didn't know how much advantage I had and I wanted to keep it at all costs. I managed to keep a great pace and I want to dedicate this victory to all the fans I met on the course and who cheered me on. There were so many, I didn't even expect so many. It's even nicer to win in Cesenatico," commented Manuel Senni, winner of the 170km.

"I'm happy and excited for this great victory that came in the final and with a very exciting sprint. Winning the Nove Colli is a great satisfaction because it is a Granfondo of great prestige", the words of Giulia Portaluri, winner of the 200km.

The 130km men's race was won by Matteo Fontanelli from ASD Imola Bike, who secured victory in a sprint against his breakaway companions Rossano Mauti and Pietro Sarti. As tradition has it, they were the first to cross the finish line at Colonia Agip before ten o'clock.

One of the day's best stories, however, added a touch of solidarity and magic to the women's "medium" race, with Chiara Ciuffini's solo victory, wearing the #NoveColli4Children jersey. The Abruzzese cyclist’s record is vast – from winning the UCI Amateur World Championships to the 2019 Strade Bianche – but this triumph is certainly one of the most thrilling of her career.

The Podium

200 km

Manuel Senni (05:16:00); Paolo Castelnovo (05:17:59); Mattens wins (05:18:26).
Giulia Portaluri (06:13:14); Vanessa Santeliz Bautista (06:13:15); Monika Dietl (06:20:11).

130 km

Matteo Fontanelli (03:42:45); Rossano Mauti (03:42:45); Pietro Sarti (03:42:48).
Chiara Ciuffini (04:10:52); Michela Santini (04:11:44); Alessia Bortoli (04:15:56).

Celebration for the Last Finisher

And the Nove Colli is special also because it rewards not only the first but especially the last, in fact the very last finisher. And it was a celebration with music, applause, toasts, flowers, and gifts of Romagna food for the Englishman Howard Rowan Brown. He crossed the finish line at 5:29 PM, and despite the fact that a lifetime had passed since the start, the Briton had not lost his smile even though he was exhausted.

Brown was at his fifth Nove Colli – the first he finished last – and comes from Birmingham together with his wife who was already waiting for him at the hotel. To complete the 200km, he took a total of 11 hours, 11 minutes, and 43 seconds.

Photos by Sportograf

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