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Hundreds Enjoy Mammoth Fall Century and Gran Fondo

Chosen by Bicycling Magazine for its Jaw-Dropping Vistas, the Mammoth High Sierra Fall Century and Gran Fondo took ridder through breath-taking Mono County with views of Mono Lake, the majestic Eastern High Sierra and the White Mountains of California. The Gran Fondo and the 100 Mile century routes are the same and have the same rest stops, support and after-ride meal and festival, however, Gran Fondo riders had timing chips and timed ride results provided at the end of the ride based on age and gender.

There were a lot of ladies out on the 2014 Mammoth Fall Century & Gran Fondo yesterday and some of them were WAY fast. Here are the top-ten fastest women from the Gran Fondo yesterday.

1. Jennifer Todd
2. Jessica Mazaitis
3. Heidi Christensen
4. Pam Schuster
5. McKenzie Long
6. Trisha Moyer
7. Kirsten Darley
8. Linda Farr
9. Shana Van Stralen
10. Amy Smith

Big props to Neil Shirley from Road Bike Action for winning the 2014 Mammoth Fall Century Gran Fondo! This was Neil's second consecutive win at our ride. It is even more impressive given that he raced the Prologue Hill Climb Time Trial (3pm Friday afternoon) just 16 hours prior to starting the Gran Fondo on Saturday morning. The Prologue Time Trial was 7.8 miles all uphill with 1628 feet of climbing and a massive headwind. Nice job Neil, we hope you'll be back next year to go for 3 in a row!

2014 Top-Ten Male finishers were as follows:

1. Neil Shirley
2. Jon Hornbeck
3. Chris Lyman
4. Jim Bouvet
5. Gary Douville
6. Thurlow Rogers
7. Craig Zimmernan
8. Pete Borowski
9. Luke Wynen
10. Tim Standifer

Link to results -

Mammoth Fall Century and Gran Fondo