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America's Toughest Gravel Grinders

Beware, these rides are not for the faint hearted! Only the toughest Cowgirls and Cowboys need apply ...

Photo: The inaugural 2019 SBT GRAVEL p/b Canyon, credit: SBT GRAVEL

It's guys like Jim Cummings from Dirty Kanza and Guitar Ted from TransIowa who are the founding fathers of this incredible genre of cycling.

It's been 13 years, since 34 riders rode the inaugural Dirty Kanza, now regarded as the “Worlds Premier Endurance Gravel Road Race” in the Midwest U.S. Since then the number of events has exploded.

For 14 years, TransIowa, one of the most difficult gravel races in the USA. The end of TransIowa in 2018 meant that a unique chapter of gravel racing history closed only to be opened again in 2019 with Iowa Wind and Rock. Whilst the organizers stress is it NOT, nor will it ever be TransIowa, the free, 340ish mile, cue sheet navigated, late spring, Iowa event that allows entrants to challenge themselves, expand their boundaries, and allow them to see what they are capable of.

As the number of events grows, what other events out there blow the Richter Scale in terms of toughness?

From the ultra distance flat lands of the Mid-West, to the more mountainous regions and mixed terrains, toughness comes in all shapes and sizes.

If you think the Mid-West is flat, you'd be wrong, as Gravel Champion Alison Tetrick pointed out, Dirty Kanza 200 contains something like 4,000 feet of climbing. 2019 sees the running of DKXXL, some 350 miles.

Amanda Nauman impressed into our minds in our in previous attempt Top 15 Toughest Grinders Out West, that climbing counts. Take the Crusher in the Tushar, "its only 70 miles" but contains something like 10,000 feet of climbing.

Then there's the Gravel World Championships, which is 150 miles, slowly grinds down the field until only the toughest are left standing, like Gravel Champion Neil Shirley.

Back again is Boulder Roubaix, 2019 marks the next edition! One of the most hallowed races in the Western US, held a week before the real Queen of the Classics, Paris-Roubaix, the 19 mile loop features 43% paved roads and 57% unpaved roads in North Boulder County.

The list below contains some less obvious events like the Skull 120 Gravel Fondo which the organizers stress is "very challenging to say the least".


The 2019 Panaracer Texas Chainring Massacre now holds the title "the Fastest Gravel Grinder" in North America.

The inaugural SBT GRAVEL p/b Canyon taking place August 18, sold out in less than a week and has attracted some of the top gravel racers in the country. The full pro course is 141 miles and over 9,000 feet of climbing. There is a prize purse of $28,000 dollars. Joining the inaugural event for men are; Ted King, Colin Strickland, Phil Gaimon, Jamey Driscoll, Payson McElveen, Yuri Hauswald, Neil Shirley and Jake Wells.

As Colorado continues to lead in the development of women's cycling, joining women racers are; Lauren De Crescenzo, Kaysee Armstrong, Karen Jarchow, Alison Powers, Kae Takeshita, Laura King, Rose Grant, Alison Tetrick and Amity Gregg.

Gravel Grinding has caught on worldwide, also known as the Gravel Fondo in Europe and Canada, the number of events has exploded! Countries including Germany, Belgium, France and Italy are rushing to provide events due to sheer demand. Like North America, these countries have the gravel backroads and mountain passes to facilitate.

Top bike brands like Canyon are headline sponsors for some of the top gravel races, while training companies, nutritional specialists, component and tire manufacturers all rush to secure limited sponsorship places. Top riders are sponsored, with a growing number making a fulltime living as Professional Gravel Racers.

Disc brakes, wider, gravel specific tires and gravel specific bikes are a "must have".

The future is bright, and that future contains lots of gravel.

Date Event Location Routes Diff  Type My Rides
Jul 20 Huron Mountain Crusher Marquette, Michigan, USA 32, 74, 135 miles F GRAVEL
Jan 25 SugarCane Express 200 Loxahatchee Groves, Florida, USA 200 miles E GRAVEL
Feb 22 Middle Georgia Epic Irwinton, Georgia, USA 100, 200 km E GRAVEL
May 24 Ten Thousand Freeport, Illinois, USA 120 miles F GRAVEL
Aug 22 Ochoco Gravel Roubaix Prineville, Oregon, USA 45, 80 miles F GRAVEL
Feb 03 Texas Chainring Massacre Valley View Tx 30, 50, 70, 100 miles D GRAVEL
Feb 03 - Feb 04 HuRaCaN 300 St Ocala Florida USA 300 miles F GRAVEL
Feb 10 The BMC Rock Cobbler Bakersfield California USA 50, 95 miles E GRAVEL
Mar 02 Dirty Pecan Gravel Ride Monticello, Florida, USA 40, 60, 80, 100, 150, 200 miles F GRAVEL
Mar 14 - Mar 17 The Mid South Stillwater Oklahoma USA 50, 100 miles D GRAVEL
Mar 16 Redlands Strada Rossa Redlands, California, USA 35, 66, 100 miles D GRAVEL
Mar 23 - Mar 24 Croatan Buck Fifty Cape Carteret North Carolina USA 50, 100, 150 miles D GRAVEL
Apr 20 - Apr 21 Iowa Wind and Rock Winterset Iowa 340 miles F GRAVEL
Apr 27 - Apr 28 Belgian Waffle Ride California San Marcos CA 44, 80, 130 miles F GRAVEL
Apr 28 - Dec 28 The Day Across Minnesota Gary, South Dakota, USA 240, 480 miles F GRAVEL
May 12 Gravel Grinder National Championship Bluemont, VA 30, 100 miles D GRAVEL
May 31 Garmin UNBOUND Gravel XL Emporia Kansas USA 350 miles F GRAVEL
Jun 01 Garmin UNBOUND Gravel Emporia Kansas USA 25, 50, 100, 200, 350 miles F GRAVEL
Jun 08 Pine Island Gravel Odyssey Spearfish, SD 45, 70, 100 miles F GRAVEL
Jun 15 The VTMonster Gravel Grinder Ludlow Vermont USA 73 miles D GRAVEL
Jun 15 Skull Gravel Grinder Burns, Oregon, USA 30, 60, 120 miles F GRAVEL
Jun 22 Takelma Gravel Grinder Canyonville OR 57 miles C GRAVEL
Jun 22 Takelma Gravel Grinder Canyonville OR 57 miles C GRAVEL
Jun 22 Coast to Coast Gravel Grinder Au Gres, Michigan, USA 100, 200 miles E GRAVEL
Jul 06 The Epic in Missouri Warsaw Missouri USA 80, 150 miles D GRAVEL
Jul 13 Crusher in the Tushar Beaver Utah USA 70 miles, 10,000 feet E GRAVEL
Jul 20 Joe Cosley Pancake Ride Trego Montana USA 150+ miles E GRAVEL
Aug 17 D2R2 Deerfield, Massachusetts, USA 20, 40, 62, 71, 100, 112 miles F GRAVEL
Aug 18 SBT GRVL Steamboat Springs, Colorado, USA 37, 64, 100, 141 miles D GRAVEL
Aug 21 - Aug 25 Garmin Gravel Worlds 2023 Lincoln Nebraska USA 75, 150, 300 miles E GRAVEL
Aug 23 The Long Voyage Lincoln, Nebraska, USA 300 miles F GRAVEL
Sep 07 WYO 131 Lander Wyoming USA 40, 80, 131 miles F GRAVEL
Sep 14 Chino Grinder Chino Valley Arizona USA 40, 60, 110 miles D GRAVEL
Sep 28 Sancho 200 Traverse City, Michigan, USA 200 miles F GRAVEL
Oct 19 Spotted Horse Gravel Ultra Saint Charles, Iowa, USA 70, 150, 200 miles D GRAVEL
Oct 26 Georgia Gravel Grinduro Helen, Georgia, USA 40, 70, 140 miles D GRAVEL


The above list represents, to the best of our knowledge, The Toughest One day Gravel Grinders in the USA, 2019. 

The above events are very challenging are suited to experienced cyclists who can ride all day, over long very distances and mountainous terrain, typically unsupported. For less experienced riders or beginners, we have a full comprehensive list of 2019 Gravel Grinders across North America. Some of the above dates for 2019, have not yet been confirmed. If you know that some of the above details are incorrect, please let us know. If you are an organizer or an experienced Gravel Grinder and you feel an event should be included, please let us know.

Photo: The inaugural 2019 SBT GRAVEL p/b Canyon, credit: SBT GRAVEL