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Top 10 Toughest Gravel Grinders Out West

What's the toughest challenge in cycling? For weekend riders looking to test their mettle, it just may be Gravel Grinding

Top 10 Toughest Gravel Grinders on the Pacific West CoastAn emerging style of cycling that's done on unpaved, backcountry roads covered in crushed limestone, granite, flint, or whatever rock happens to be around.

Imagine pedalling over jagged marbles, or if it rains, through chunky peanut butter. In some places, gravel roads are like rutted, bone-jarring washboards.

"Think of the worst piece of asphalt you've ever ridden," says a top gravel-race organizer, "and it's just a little worse than that."

That these roads are unforgiving is the draw for gravel grinders: There's no traffic to compete with. There are 1.3 million miles of unpaved roads in the U.S., most just empty ribbons winding through remote areas.

Over the past few years, gravel racers have begun appropriating them as a gritty new cycling frontier where there are no rules and no bureaucratic barriers and announcing 60, 100 or even 300 mile events.

Participation has been on the rise since 2005. The number of races scheduled for this season is up by about 30 percent over last year, while attendance at longer-held races has exploded.

Most of the top events, like Barry RoubaixDirty Kanza 200Lu Lacka Wyco HundoAlmanzo 100Land Run 100 and Trans Iowa sell out such in advance, such is the demand for the very top events.

Here's our guide to the toughest events, which started on the Pacific West Coast of the U.S.A. and have 2017 dates.

What do you think?

What do you think our guide to the Top 10 Toughest Gravel Grinders Out West?

Do you think another event is worthy of the list or do you have any feedback? 

We are continually updating our list based on feedback from everyone. 

9th Jan 2017 - By demand, The Dirty Devil and Crusher in the Tushars have been added.

Looks like were going to travel east, so we can add more events as we go depending on what everyone considers Out West!

If so email us at at any time.

Hell - we'll go the whole hog as to let everyone vote for events across a range of categories for 2017, like toughest, best swag, you name it!


12. Oregon Coast Gravel Epic

April 22nd 2017, Waldport, Oregon

It's remote, it's mountainous, it's an ass kicker, and it's the kick off of the Oregon Triple Crown Series. Complete all three of the Oregon Triple Crown Series events and you’ll be honored with an exclusive Pactimo finisher's jersey and recognition of your extraordinary efforts.

The Oregon Coast Gravel Epic is a gravel cycling endurance event that features the seriously stout climbs found deep in the coastal mountains of the Siuslaw National Forest The Abomination route is 60 miles long with 6,500 ft of climbing.


Oregon Coast Gravel Epic  April 22nd 2017, Waldport, Oregon


11. Gorge Roubaix

April 1st 2017, The Dalles, Oregon

The Gorge Roubaix has expanded for 2017 into the Oregon Epic Grinder Series showcasing the most amazing roads in the state of Oregon. The Oregon Epic will take riders on roads through the Columbia Gorge, Bend, and Mt. Hood regions. Courses will be a mix of gravel and pavement and maximize scenery and challenge. Each event will include a huge post race party with great food and beer. Come challenge yourself against these epic courses or challenge yourself against your fellow riders. Either way experience what Oregon Epic is all about. 

The 75 mile Big Grinder course has 6,120 feet of leg burning climbing in it. The ride will start in Downtown The Dalles and proceed south on a network of paved and gravel roads up to near the summit of Tygh Ridge. From the top reaches of the course riders will have spectacular views of Mt. Hood, Mt. Adams, Mt. St. Helens, and even Mt. Rainer. This course has two gravel sections the first totaling 14.3 miles and the second totaling 16.2 miles. making up 40% of the total course mileage. There will be 3 aid stations along the course to support riders.


Gorge Roubaix  April 1st 2017, The Dalles, Oregon


10. Rock Cobbler Ride

February 12th 2017, Bakersfield, California

The Rock Cobbler is a stupidly hard ride bordering on a race. It was conceived by Mad Men…on barstools in the dark hours of the night…passionate and driven to showcase roads, trails and a VERY challenging route not yet ridden, not yet tamed. It is some 100 miles and over 6,500 feet of climbing consisting of county asphalt roads, trails, private land, a river, a creek and a brewery.

It is very hard but will be sickeningly fun. This “secret route” is now tradition and adds to the excitement.

This thing is designed for a cross bike  with a file tread tire such as the Specialized Trigger Pro Tubeless.  A mountain bike will work. Some people have been stupid enough to try a road bike don’t. If you wanna try a road bike, good luck and you will suffer 1000 deaths. That’s all we’re gonna say. It is NOT a cyclocross race, a road race or a MTB race.

When you finish, if you finish - you will know WHY it’s called the Rock Cobbler! 

I do hope the guy below fully recovered!?


Rock Cobbler Ride  February 12th 2017, Bakersfield, California


9. Lost and Found Sierra Nevada Gravel Grinder

June 3rd 2017, Portola, California

The Lost and Found course features a perfect blend of pavement, dirt road, gravel road and historic railroad grade. Racers must choose their weapon wisely (road bike, cross bike or mountain bike). The route is 100 miles with 7,000' of elevation gain and is 80% dirt.

The  route starts at Lake Davis, located 15 minutes north of Portola, and takes racers on a rolling tour around the lake, up into the surrounding mountains and then sends them through some of the most beautiful and empty alpine valleys California has to offer.

Participants can choose to race or simply ride the route and take advantage of the quality aid stations. Racers and riders from around the world will be invited to lose themselves and find this two-wheeled paradise.


Lost and Found Sierra Nevada Gravel Grinder  June 3rd 2017, Portola, California


8. Ochoco Gravel Roubaix

August 26th 2017, Prineville, Oregon

The toughest gravel event in Oregon.

The Ochoco Gravel Roubaix is an OBRA Gran Fondo Style gravel bicycle race through the Ochoco National Forest. The finish line party will be open and free to the public and feature live music, beer garden, and much more! 100% of race proceeds with help fund our Crook County High School Certified Athletic Trainer.

This 120 mile route features 8,713 feet of climbing and breathtaking views of the Ochoco National Forest! The route will start at the Crook County Fair Grounds in Prineville and proceed north up McKay toward the Ochoco National Forest. The ride will loop past the Ochoco Divide and Big Summit Prairie.

About 40% of the ride will be gravel with paved sections throughout. There will be 4 aid stations along the course for support.

Racers must wear a helmet at all times, must carry a minimum of two water bottles, and must be able to average at least 10 miles per hour on this type of ride. Riders must follow the Oregon Department of Transportation Rules of the Road while on roadways and follow Forest Service Policies while on National Forest Land.

Gravel or Cross Bicycles with 35mm to 40mm tread recommended.

Ochoco Gravel Roubaix  August 26th 2017, Prineville, Oregon


7. King Ridge Dirt Supreme

May 6th 2017, Occidental, California

If you are looking for a supreme cross/dirt/gravel challenge this is it.

You’ve never ridden King Ridge like this. Starting in Duncan’s Mills you start with a slow burn up Bohemian Hwy to Occidental. Then climb up Coleman Valley and descend Willow Creek on dirt. Hwy 1 to Fort Ross. Dirt descent to Salt Point. Dirt climb up Kruse. Climb Hauser Bridge. Back King Ridge to Caz and finish up Willow Creek.

You will still have the Salt Point dirt descent and Kruse dirt climb so a gravel bike with slick/semi slick tires or a road bike with 28c would be a good option.

Easy as pie! Road, cross, Diverge? Depends on what you have and what you can ride. Big tires and don’t flat!


King Ridge Dirt Supreme, May 6th 2017, Occidental, California

6. Redlands Strada Rossa Ride

March 18th 2017, Redlands, California

Experience what we collectively consider some of the best roads and trails in the Eastern San Bernardino Valley, linked together in one full day of riding. Good trails, back roads, great scenery, fantastic people!

This is not your typical ride. The course goes on and off road and even hits some single track. Yes, some people on road bikes can do this. YOU MUST HAVE SKILLS!!!! A CX bike is ideal, but mountain and road bikes both work too.

The 90 miles route goes up Yucaipa, Crafton and then Mentone and contains a wee bit of elevation gain on it around 8,900 feet.

The course is not marked. Pay attention and use your route slip as there are spots you could miss turns. GPS Download available.


Redlands Strada Rossa Ride  March 18th 2017, Redlands, California


5. Gran Fondo Winthrop

September 23rd 2017, Winthrop, Washington

This ride is HARD and is intended for experienced cyclists. There will be approx 10,000 feet of climbing and descending over the 90 miles which is a lot, much of which is on rough Forest Service roads.  It will likely to be hot as well.

The course is designed to give riders a glimpse of some very mountainous, out of the way parts of North Central Washington. In the spirit of remote and rustic Washington, much of the route is primitive Forest Service roads. There will be at least one well stocked aid station at approx. the half way point as well as a few sag wagons for additional assistance.

You will receive a super cool limited edition Gran Fondo Winthrop souvenir, a well thought out, and well marked course to ride, a well stocked aid station to refuel at mid ride, and a meal to refuel post ride. We will also post the times of all finishers for bragging rights.

With so many variable course conditions it is hard to say what’s right or wrong. Road, cross, or mtb, any one will work, but all will have a disadvantage at some point.

We would recommend a cx bike with some beefy road tires. There will be lots of climbing so plan accordingly. There will be a few sag wagons and an aid station, but it’s a good idea to be somewhat self sufficient. Weather is always something to consider with this type of ride. It will likely be hot, but high in the mountains anything can happen. Bring on the adventure baby!


Gran Fondo Winthrop  September 23rd 2017, Winthrop, Washington


4. Crusher in the Tushar

July 8th 2017, Beaver Utah

Every year, 600 riders from around the world descend on the quiet community of Beaver, Utah for the 6th edition of the ‘Crusher in the Tushar’.

This uniquely formatted race begins in historic downtown Beaver, Utah the birthplace of famed outlaw “Butch Cassidy” and finishes at Utah’s newest ski and Summer resort, Eagle Point. Featuring a 40/60 split between tarmac and dirt & gravel sectors, the 70 mile course accumulates over 10,000 feet of elevation gain and affords riders the opportunity to explore the stunning back country of Utah’s little-known Tushar Mountains and Fishlake National Forest.

Pick your poison (type of bike) and pick wisely. The Pro Mens and Womens race feature a cash purse of at least $2,250 each!

You better be on top of your game for this one, oh and registration just opened January 4th.


Crusher in the Tushars  July 8th 2017, Beaver Utah - Photo Credit: Cotton Sox Photography

3. Skaggs and Super Skaggs Gravel

April 8th 2017, Sonoma, California

Skaggs! No other description needed. Or is there…Wait…let’s start at Lake Sonoma, add Sweetwater on our way to King Ridge, Tin Barn and finish via Skaggs to Lake Sonoma. Truly the most epic 100 miles in Sonoma County with around 10,500 feet of climbing. If you’ve done King Ridge but not Skaggs this is a must.

Nothing like heading north at King Ridge/Tin Barn junction to feel the tingles of epic adventure run up and down your spine.

Remember, these are rides and not races! Be prepared. Pre ride when possible and be conservative in your efforts. The last 20 miles are the hardest and usually in full sun.

This ride will be a fun-(d) raiser for the Matt Wilson Memorial Scholarship at El Molino High School. Matt was a student from El Molino who passed away while riding his bike at the age of 23. After high school he blossomed, discovering himself and Sonoma County aboard his bike. Matt finished the Terrible Two 5 times and loved Skaggs.


Skaggs and Super Skaggs Gravel, April 8th 2017, Sonoma, California


2. The Dirty Devil

March 25th 2017, Alpine, California

From feedback from riders who know the west coast very well, we've added this ultra tough ride. The Dirty Devil is touted as California’s Premier and most challenging road bike ultra century. However, it includes 28 miles of dirt roads in it's grueling 127 mile course. It also features a King of the Mountain (KOM) and Queen of the Mountain (QOM) Challenge on the uphill dirt sections. The 127 mile course features 11,000 feet of climbing and all the packed dirt roads are challenging, but road bike friendly.

Early entry would be advised as there's only places for 300 riders (bummer).

"The Dirty Devil in San Diego belongs on this list...With the exception of last year's Belgian Waffle Ride, it is equally grueling if not more so. I completed them both, twice!" commented Bruce Matthes

Let us know if you think another ride is tough enough to join our list? It is what it is!


Neil Shirley, from Road Bike Action in the Mix at the Dirty Devil

1. Cervélo Belgian Waffle Ride

May 21st 2017, San Marcos, California

The most unique cycling event in the country, the Cervélo Belgian Waffle Ride (BWR), is back for its sixth edition of pedaling perversity. Created as an extremely challenging cycling event in the spirit of the great one-day spring classics of Belgium, the BWR will return to North County San Diego on May 21, 2017.

This truly unique event—replete with waffles, moules-frites, California cobbles, Lost Abbey ale, more waffles, and more Lost Abbey ale—promises to punish worthy entrants with something around a 140 mile cycling route featuring 13,000 feet of undulating climbing through the unrelenting hills of San Diego County.

The majority of the competitors take on the ride using modified road bikes or endurance road bikes like one of the coveted Cervélo C Series, but it’s not uncommon to see a cyclo-cross bike, mountain bike or even a regular road bike.

The sixth annual fête will mark the largest cycling extravaganza in Cervélo Belgian Waffle Ride history with a deep field of professional riders in town for the Tour of California. Also, this year the BWR will be hosting the largest cycling party in San Diego with a special Viewing Party of the final stage of the Tour of California taking place during the Expo at the Lost Abbey on Jumbotrons. We will also be hosting Olympians; World, National and State champions; professional and amateur cyclists; and surf, motocross and bike industry luminaries to a weekend unlike any other.

Registration has now opened and will fill up quickly. Entry fee is $160 for the Cervélo Belgian Waffle Ride and $125 for the less taxing, 68-mile Belgian Wafer ride. Registered Cervélo Belgian Waffle and Wafer Riders will help support the event’s cause, the Challenged Athletes Foundation® (CAF), whose mission is to provide opportunities and support to people with physical challenges so they can pursue active lifestyles through physical fitness and competitive athletics.


Cervélo Belgian Waffle Ride  May 21st 2017, San Marcos, California


2017 North American Gravel Grinder Calendar

For the full calendar of upcoming gravel events across North America, please visit our 2017 North American Gravel Grinder Calendar.

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