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Lance Armstrong to ride Fish Rock Gravel Grinder

Armstrong to ride his second Gravel Grinder in Boonville, California on March 11th

In recent weeks Lance Armstrong caused a media sensation when he finished second in Spinistry's legendary gravel grinder, the Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

He's just confirmed with Fish Rock organizers, Bike Monkey, that he's riding. Fish Rock is one of the Top 15 Toughest Gravel Grinders on the West Coast of the U.S.

It's 72.4 miles and contains around 9,670 feet of climbing. 

The ride is not a joke! Every crazy thing you've heard about Fish Rock Road is probably true, or in some way related to something that is true.

The record is somewhere just under five hours.

For more details on Fish Rock, please visit


Lance Armstrong to ride Fish Rock Gravel Grinder

Lance Armstrong to ride Fish Rock Gravel Grinder

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