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Date Event Location Routes Diff  Type My Rides
Aug 24 Rampart Rager Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA 100km C GRAVEL
Aug 24 Ochoco Gravel Roubaix Prineville, Oregon, USA 45, 80 miles F GRAVEL
Aug 24 Lake City Alpine 50 Lake City, Colorado, USA 50 miles C GRAVEL
Aug 25 The Overland Reading, Vermont, USA 45 miles E GRAVEL
Aug 30 - Sep 01 Rebecca's Private Idaho Ketchum, Idaho, USA 20, 56, 100 miles / stage race D GRAVEL
Aug 30 - Sep 02 Redemption Gravel Stage Race Brownington, Vermont, USA 3 stages, 3 days C GRAVEL
Sep 07 ECGC: Lanark-Lombardy McDonalds Corners, Ontario, Canada 40, 80 km C GRAVEL
Sep 07 WYO 131 Lander, Wyoming, USA 131 miles F GRAVEL
Sep 07 Pony Express 120 Gravel Dash Marysville, Kansas, USA 66, 120 miles D GRAVEL
Sep 07 Pisgah Monster-Cross Challenge Pisgah Forest, North Carolina, USA 70 miles D GRAVEL
Sep 08 Cabot Ride the Ridges Cabot, Vermont, USA 10, 30, 60, 100km C GRAVEL
Sep 09 Uncle John’s Dirty Ride St Johns, Michigan, USA 24, 56 miles C GRAVEL
Sep 14 Keystone Gravel Jersey Shore, Pennsylvania, USA 68 miles C GRAVEL
Sep 14 The Hondo Augusta, Kansas, USA 29, 77, 119 miles D GRAVEL
Sep 14 Lord of the Springs singletrack+gravel bike race Middleville, Michigan, USA 24, 37 miles C GRAVEL
Sep 21 Gran Fondo Winthrop Winthrop, Washington, USA 90 miles F GRAVEL
Sep 21 Kettle Mettle Dirty Fundo Penticton, British Columbia, Canada 50,100,130 km C GRAVEL
Sep 21 High Plains Gravel Grinder Elbert , Colorado, USA 36, 70 miles D GRAVEL
Sep 21 Stetina's Paydirt Prospect Truckee, California, USA 40, 98 miles F GRAVEL
Sep 22 Maple City Century Honesdale. Pennsylvania, USA 30, 62, 100 miles D GRAVEL
Sep 22 Spin the District Gravel Gran Fondo Union City, Georgia, USA 60, 100, 150 miles E GRAVEL
Sep 23 Tour de Lyon County Emporia, Kansas, USA 105 miles D GRAVEL
Sep 23 GIRG (Gravel Iowa River Greenbelt) Ride Steamboat Rock, Iowa, USA 62 miles C GRAVEL
Sep 28 Smithville Gravel Grinder Smithville, Missouri, USA 50, 80 miles C GRAVEL
Sep 28 Sinnemahone Gravel Emporium, Pennsylvania, USA 55 miles D GRAVEL