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Top 11 Canadian Gran Fondos for 2016

Here's our selection of the biggest and best Canadian Gran Fondos for 2016.

A Gran Fondo is a mass-start, timed cycling event, run over closed and open roadways, with full support and post-ride podium presentations. In short, it's the closest most of us will ever come to knowing what it feels like to be a full-on Italian bike racer and it could be the most fun you've ever had on a bike.

Many cyclists use Gran Fondos to challenge themselves in a personal battle against the distance and then ultimately, the clock. Some participants will ride the event like a race, with prizes awarded and considerable prestige for top place finishers.

These rides are for everyone. You can ride a Gran Fondo at any pace you choose, and no matter what your speed or competitive nature, a big event like this is guaranteed to be an experience unlike anything you've ever done before.

RBC Gran Fondo Whistler

September 10th - Whistler, British Columbia

Departing from Stanley Park in Vancouver, this epic road ride takes its 4,000+ riders of all skill levels on a dedicated car free lane over the Lions Gate bridge, up the Sea-to-Sky highway, all the way to Whistler's Olympic Plaza for a much deserved post-ride celebration! This fully supported ride offers a range of distances, starting at 67 kilometres, extending up to 152 kilometres.
Though the majority of riders participate for the stunning views and the thrill of challenge, in 2015 the competitive ‘Giro’ division was UCI sanctioned and proudly rewarded its top riders with equal winnings for males and females; 1st place being $15,000.
Whether you’d like to ride the route for the excitement, the challenge, or as a professional, the RBC GranFondo Whistler is an accomplishment you'll want to be a part of!
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RBC Gran Fondo Whistler  September 10th - Whistler, British Columbia


Subaru Centurion Gran Fondo

September 16th-18th - Blue Mountains, Ontario, Canada

The picturesque Blue Mountain Resort with its European-style village is home to the crown jewel of the series – Subaru Centurion Canada. Located in the Blue Mountain Village (a 90-minute drive from Toronto), riders will enjoy the scenery and the challenge that the incredible courses present. Containing a series of relentless rollers, the courses begin at the base of the legendary Niagara Escarpment along the shores of Georgian Bay. This sharp and steep elevation differential will serve as a prime hurdle to test all riders.

After 6 successful years the Centurion feel the 2015 event was the best yet.  Having a Time Trial and Community Ride on Friday, the C50 and C100 on Saturday and the C25 on Sunday worked out great!   So in 2016, they're continuing with a weekend of fun for everyone theme and keeping the schedule the same.  They will have the 3 Event Gran Fondo called the Gran Centurion Stage Race for those wanting to have a full tour riding experience, which will offer 3 days of variety and competition. Or you can do the Time Trial on Friday, C50 or C100 on Saturday and then the C25 on Sunday. Having the big rides on Saturday allows for  fun post race night in the village at Blue Mountain including a concert and dinners.

It has had over 3,000 riders and is a very competitive at the front. Past men's winners have been National Team member and Canadian Hour Record Holder, Ed Veal and World UCI Masters 45+ Champion, Bruce Bird!

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Subaru Centurion Gran Fondo  September 16-18th - Blue Mountains, Ontario, Canada


PWC Epic Tour Halton Gran Fondo

September 11th 2016 - Halton, Ontario

PwC Epic Tour Halton is a one-day fully supported cycling event that will lead you over some of the most spectacular roads the GTA has to offer.  Rolling country roads, dense forests and the Niagara Escarpment set stage for an EPIC DAY on your bike that you won’t soon forget.

Like a marathon, PwC Epic Tour is about setting a personal goal, preparing yourself to achieve it and then going to it on event day – inspired by the spirit and energy of hundreds of people all around you.

The measure of your day won’t be winning or losing, it will be challenging yourself to rise beyond the ordinary and so something extraordinary – and share the experience with those closest to you.

PwC offers a wide variety of distances to accomodate to all ages and skill levels: Ultra 165K, Classic 140K, Pursuit 125K, Excel 110K, Humberview 80K and Fit 50k.

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PWC Epic Tour Halton Gran Fondo  September 11th 2016 - Halton, Ontario

Gran Fondo Garneau-Quebecor

August 14th 2016 - Trois-Rivières, Quebec

The Granfondo Garneau-Québecor presented by Cascades is an annual 118 km bike ride between Trois-Rivières and St-Augustin-de-Desmaures,  now in its 8th year of existence. The goal of the event is to promote physical activity and a healthy lifestyle while raising funds for the Little Brothers Foundation. The event is intended both for cycling enthusiasts and experienced athletes. Last year, the event attracted nearly 2,500 riders.

The 8th edition will take place on Sunday, August 14, 2016. Riders will leave the Alphonse-Desjardins Sports Center in Trois-Rivières at 9:00 am to arrive at the Louis Garneau Sports factory finish line in St-Augustin-de-Desmaures in the afternoon. Several groups will be formed according to cyclists’ average riding speeds.

Since its creation in 2009 by Louis Garneau, the Granfondo has been very much involved in the community to support the Little Brothers organization. In seven years, over $380,000 have been donated to the Foundation.

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Gran Fondo Garneau-Quebecor  August 14th 2016 - Trois-Rivières, Quebec

Prospera Gran Fondo Axel Merckx Okanagan

July 10th 2016 - Penticton, British Columbia

Last year more than 2,800 cyclists joined Axel Merckx and friends in the Cortofondo (55 km), Mediofondo (92 km), and Granfondo (160 km). Now it’s your chance. Take the challenge. Train. Ride. Enjoy.  The 5th annual Prospera Granfondo Axel Merckx Okanagan starts in Penticton, B.C., Canada on Sunday, July 10th, 2016. Scenic route along the parts of lake Okanagan and Skaha Lake  and along side some of BC's most beautiful vineyards. 

Registration for the 6th annual Granfondo Axel Merckx is now open.

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Prospera Gran Fondo Axel Merckx Okanagan  July 10th 2016 - Penticton, British Columbia

Ryder Hesjedals Tour de Victoria

August 21st 2016 - Victoria, British Columbia

Ryder Hesjedal’s Tour de Victoria is a supported mass-participation cycling event in beautiful Victoria, British Columbia. Come and experience the world-class cycling routes and breathtaking scenery Victoria has to offer.

Riders of all fitness levels can take part in the ride by choosing one of three distances:

Harbour Air Epic – 140km for the experienced cyclist
Pro City Legend – 90km for the cycling enthusiast
Challenge – 45km for the entry-level cyclist

Ryder Hesjedal’s Tour de Victoria is produced by the Ryder’s Cycling Society of Canada, a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting and supporting cycling across the country.

Join over 2,000 other cyclists for a world-class cycling experience.

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Ryder Hesjedals Tour de Victoria  August 21st 2016 - Victoria, British Columbia

RBC Gran Fondo Banff

August 20th 2016 - Banff National Park, Alberta

This is your chance to ride the only gran fondo in North America that is fully contained within the boundaries of a national park. Starting and finishing in the beautiful mountain town of Banff, the 150 km  (93m) and 90km (56m) routes will take you into the heart of the Rockies to experience the cultural heritage and awe-inspiring nature of Banff National Park.

A true destination event in one of Canada’s most scenic locations.

Connect intimately with the natural and cultural heritage and the majestic scenery of this Canadian Rocky Mountain Parks World Heritage Site.

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RBC Gran Fondo Banff  August 20th 2016 - Banff National Park, Alberta

Prospera Valley Gran Fondo

July 24th 2016 - Fort Langley, British Columbia

The Prospera Valley GranFondo has routes of (160km), Medio Fondo (88km), and Presto Fondo (50km). Take part in the largest mass-participation cycling event in the Fraser Valley of BC!  

The Fraser Valley, long known as the road cycling mecca of British Columbia is once again the location for what will become one of Canada’s premier cycling events. 

The 160km (100miles) route takes cyclists from Fort Langley south through Langley’s country roads, along Zero Avenue, through the community of Arnold, along the Sumas Prairie, up and over Sumas Mountain in Abbotsford and back to Fort Langley along the Matsqui flats and through Glen Valley along the Fraser River. Participants will climb and descend; they will open up the throttle along the flats (where they may battle some wind), and they will take it easy on occasion to marvel at the beauty of the route. The GranFondo is for cyclists of all ages.

This 88km route may be half the size of its big brother, but it is just as good!  Cyclists depart Fort Langley and head south along Langley’s country roads, along Zero Avenue and begin their journey back to Fort Langley through the community of Bradner and along the mighty Fraser River and through Glen Valley. The MedioFondo is a ride designed to inspire and challenge novice cyclists of all ages. 

This 50km route is a great introduction to participating in a mass cycling event. Cyclists depart Fort Langley and head south along Langley’s country roads. The course is predominantly flat with just enough hills to challenge you through the scenic route of Langley. Support vehicles guide you along the way to make your ride safe and enjoyable. The PrestoFondo is designed to inspire and challenge novice cyclists of all ages.

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Prospera Valley Gran Fondo  July 24th 2016 - Fort Langley, British Columbia


ATB Financial Gran Fondo Highwood Pass

July 9th 2016 - Kananaskis, Alberta

Nothing compares to the remote majesty of the Canadian Rockies.  Located just south of Calgary, the Gran Fondo Highwood Pass travels through the heart of the Rockies over the highest road pass in Canada. You’re going to have a truly epic experience, passing through huge mountain ranges and sharing the scenery with wildlife like elk, deer, moose, big horn sheep, and possibly even bear during this wheeled trek. Highwood Pass is Canada's Highest Paved Road.

Gran Fondo Highwood Pass is a fully supported 135 km ride with stocked checkpoints, a roaming sag wagon, and mechanical support. We’re even throwing a post-ride party in your honour, complete with hearty, replenishing grub and live entertainment. But don’t miss the 10-hour cut-off time, or you’ll miss the party!

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ATB Financial Gran Fondo Highwood Pass  July 9th 2016 - Kananaskis, Alberta

Gran Fondo Ottawa

July 23rd 2016 - Kanata, Ontario

GranFondoOttawa offers a fully fueled cycling Festa complete with all the hype and sizzle on a grand scale in our ReggioCapitale while satisfying the urge to experience a GranFondo which we can together build into an annual event….. along beautiful quiet roads enjoying a well-supported ride to push beyond the limit! Offering [4] route options to challenge your will to prepare using our TrainingPlan with nutritional tips and weekday rides up to the day of the Fondo.

You’ll love the GiroPreFesta to fuel the ride, a GiornoJaveFesta to start the day, a PaccoDiFama to lead us out & a FondoFesta to reward our efforts after the ride, grazie!

Stomp the pedals, feel the power, think big-ride, GranFondo!

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Gran Fondo Ottawa  July 23rd 2016 - Kanata, Ontario


Gran Fondo Mont Tremblant

May 28th 2016 - Mont-Tremblant, Quebec

Gran Fondo Mont-Tremblant will appeal to those looking to ride for fun, for good health and to take on a personal challenge, all while enjoying the beautiful scenery of the course in a safe environment. The region of Mont-Tremblant has phenomenal and compelling features that make it ideal for road cycling. Significant road investments in recent years combined with the scenery and the challenge of the Laurentians, now make Mont-Tremblant a major destination for recreational cycling.

This new cyclosportive invites cycling enthusiasts to discover the Mont-Tremblant region on an unparalleled road course, choosing a personal challenge of 160 km, 125 km, 80 km or 45 km. This event will be held on Saturday morning, May 28th 2016. A fun activity filled weekend for cycling fanatics!

The panoramic views of the area, winding roads and the quality of the road surface will certainly make Gran Fondo Mont-Tremblant one of the most popular events of the season for road cyclists!

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Gran Fondo Mont Tremblant  May 28th 2016 - Mont-Tremblant, Quebec