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Welcome to Gran Fondo USA >> VIDEO: Phil Gaimon takes LA's Nichols Canyon KOM

VIDEO: Phil Gaimon takes LA's Nichols Canyon KOM

Gaimon puts out 465 watts for nearly 10 minutes to take the KOM record for Nichols Canyon, one of the most coveted segments on the West Coast

In homage to the 1976 French short film showing a high-speed drive through Paris on a Sunday morning, film creator Michael Piccirilli put a camera and a microphone onto former professional cyclist Phil Gaimon.

Watch Phil's difficult uphill effort, suffering for 10 minutes at 465 watts for a Strava segment in his "Worst Retirement Ever," juxtaposed with the beauty of Los Angeles when the city is just waking up.

Even more crazy is Phil went on to grab a second KOM Nichols to Mulholland, all whilst riding a total of 100 miles.

Created and produced by Michael Piccirilli:

Phil Gaimon takes LA´s Nichols Canyon KOM - Photo Credit: Phil Gaimon

VIDEO: Phil Gaimon takes LA´s Nichols Canyon KOM - Photo Credit: Phil Gaimon

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