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2018 Pro Cycling Classics Live Updates

52 year old Andrea Tafi to ride Paris-Roubaix 20 years after his victory

Andrea Tafi former pro who rode for Mapei has revealed that he has found a team to ride the next edition of Paris-Roubaix, 20 years after his victory in 1999

The 52-year-old, who retired in 2005, made waves last month  when he revealed his ambitions of returning to professional racing at Paris-Roubaix 2019.

“Everyone says that I’m crazy but I don’t agree,” Tafi told the belgium press. “I follow my heart. I know how difficult it is but I also want to see where are my limits."

“I don’t set goals in terms of results, I want to train and see how far I can go. The next few months will be tough, but it is something I absolutely want to do. It is something that no one has ever done in cycling.”

The Italian said that he asked Patrick Lefevere if it would be possible to start in the race with Deceuninck-Quick-Step, but he turned him down.

“Patrick Lefevere told me: ‘Andrea, I have a great team. I like your proposal, but I have no way of giving you a place’. Which I understand, of course,” he explained.

“Fortunately, I found another great team. Although unfortunately, I can not say yet which is.”

52 year old Andrea Tafi to ride Paris-Roubaix 20 years after his victory


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