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Clásica de San Sebastián, 223.5km

13:22 US Eastern, 19:22 Europe -  San Sebastian Men Top10

13:22 US Eastern, 19:22 Europe -  NEILSON POWLESS WINS KLASIKOA 2021

10:51 US Eastern, 16:51 Europe -  Carr caught. 5 riders in front, Mohoric pulling

10:47 US Eastern, 16:47 Europe -  31,5 to go. 47'' for Carr, Landa caught

10:38 US Eastern, 16:38 Europe -  35 to go, 50''. Bakelants trying to force the wet descent. Mohoric following him in 2nd wheel. No more than 40 riders in main peloton.

10:38 US Eastern, 16:38 Europe -  42,5 to go. Carr first on Erlaitz climb. 15'' for Landa, 30'' for peloton.

10:27 US Eastern, 16:27 Europe -  Peloton slowing down a bit. Landa chasing Carr. 2 Kms left on Erlaitz climb.

10:27 US Eastern, 16:27 Europe -  Landa catching Romo, Carr followed Landa attack. Trek seems chasing behind to close Landa, but stopped. We are on Erlaitz climb.

10:20 US Eastern, 16:20 Europe -  45 to go. Valerio Conti pacing in peloton for UAE

10:19 US Eastern, 16:19 Europe -  50 to go. Small break in peloton, Jumbo-Visma closing immediately. Romo remaining alone in front, with 1'16''

10:19 US Eastern, 16:19 Europe -  Crash in peloton, Fabbro, Kelderman, Aleotti down. Also two motos are down!

09:33 US Eastern, 15:33 Europe -  70 to go. 1'11'' - Jazkibel starting

09:29 US Eastern, 15:29 Europe -  78 km to go: 16 riders in the breakaway with 2m 30s lead

09:11 US Eastern, 15:11 Europe -  We are approaching the Alto de Jaizkibel, one of the #Klasikoa iconic climbs - which in the past used to play a bigger role in the outcome - and the peloton is in charge of things.

09:11 US Eastern, 15:11 Europe -  We now have live images

09:09 US Eastern, 15:09 Europe -  Hello, welcome to the coverage of the men's race

07:26 US Eastern, 13:26 Europe -  The men's race start in just over an hours time: 09:00 Eastern, 14:00 UK, 15:00 Europe

07:26 US Eastern, 13:26 Europe -  Egan Bernal and Adam Yates will lead Ineos Grenadiers at Clásica San Sebastián

07:24 US Eastern, 13:24 Europe -  Women's Top 10

05:56 US Eastern, 11:56 Europe -  Hello, welcome to our coverage of the San Sebastian Classic today

At 223.5 kilometres, the Clásica de San Sebastián is played out in the steep hills of the Basque Country. The finale includes a 2.1 kilometres drag at 10.1% before a fast and technical descent into San Sebastián.

The riders clip into their pedals in Donostia, as the Basques prefer to call San Sebastián. Following a rolling section of approximately 60 kilometres the climbing kicks in hard at the Azkarate: 4.3 kilometres at 7.3%.

In short succession the riders tackle the Urraki (8.6 kilometres at 6.9%) and Alkiza (4.4 kilometres at 6.2%) before continuing onto an undulating phase of roughly 50 kilometres. Then the Jaizkibel appears, which is a staple climb at the Clásica de San Sebastián. The route ascends 6.9 kilometres with an average gradient of 6.2%, although that statistic is biased by several false flat section – notably at the beginning and halfway.

Roughly 7 kilometres after the descent the riders hit the Erlaitz, a brutal climb of 3.8 kilometres at 10.6%. The route does not go down straight away, but 4 kilometres later.

The riders descend into San Sebastián for the first passage on the line with 18 kilometres remaining. The route continues to the steep ramps of the Murgil’s climb. The wall-like obstacle was first included in 2014. The Murgil Tontorra, as the Basques say, has an average slope of 10.1% and the length is 2.1 kilometres. The climb peaks out at 22%.

Only 7.3 kilometres remaining at the top. First a false flat and then a technical descent into San Sebastián before the last 3 kilometres are played out on the wide and flat boulevards along the coast.

The 2021 Clásica de San Sebastián starts at 11.43 and the race is expected to finish around 17.30 – both are local times (CEST).

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