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UCI World Championships - Men's Elite Road Race

10:37 US Eastern, 16:37 Europe -  Top 10

10:37 US Eastern, 16:37 Europe -  Alaphilippe has broken down in floods of tears. This has been a hugely difficult year for him after his father died in the summer. 

10:35 US Eastern, 16:35 Europe -  Van Aert easily takes the silver medal and it's a photo finish for third. 

10:34 US Eastern, 16:34 Europe -  Alaphilippe wins for France after 23 years!

10:34 US Eastern, 16:34 Europe -  Julian Alaphilippe wins the UCI World Championships - Men's Elite Road Race!

10:33 US Eastern, 16:33 Europe -  Alaphilippe less than 1 km to go with 17 secs lead

10:30 US Eastern, 16:30 Europe -  Fuglsang now takes up the chase. Hirschi and Roglic are struggling to keep in touch. This is so close. 

10:28 US Eastern, 16:28 Europe -  Alaphilippe holds 12 seconds gap with just over 3kms to go!

10:28 US Eastern, 16:28 Europe -  5.5 kms and Alaphilippe has a gap of 12 seconds!

10:24 US Eastern, 16:24 Europe -  8 kms to go for Alaphilippe!

10:23 US Eastern, 16:23 Europe -  Fulgsang, Van Aert, Hirschi, Roglic and Kwaitkowski aren't working together, Alaphillpe is increasing his lead!

10:22 US Eastern, 16:22 Europe -  Alaphilippe has just 11 secs lead.

10:22 US Eastern, 16:22 Europe -  Behind, five riders chase, Fulgsang, Van Aert, Hirschi, Roglic and Kwaitkowskit

10:21 US Eastern, 16:21 Europe -  Alaphilippe is going full gas with 11.5 kms to go!

10:20 US Eastern, 16:20 Europe -  Fuglsang, Kwaitkowski chase!

10:19 US Eastern, 16:19 Europe -  Alaphilippe attacks over the top of the climb!

10:19 US Eastern, 16:19 Europe -  Porte struggling!

10:18 US Eastern, 16:18 Europe -  Hirschi attacks, Van Aert and Nibali, Roglic,Fulsang and Shacmann follow!

10:17 US Eastern, 16:17 Europe -  13% gradients, this is going to hurt after 230kms

10:17 US Eastern, 16:17 Europe -  Hirshci, Valverde, Schachmann, Van Aert, Van Avermaet all here

10:16 US Eastern, 16:16 Europe -  Around 30 riders left

10:10 US Eastern, 16:10 Europe -  17 kms to go, final climb for the 9th and final time. Teijs Benoot set the pace.

10:09 US Eastern, 16:09 Europe -  20 kms to go, Niabli attacks on the descent, Uran and Van Aert are with him

09:24 US Eastern, 15:24 Europe -  38 kms to go Tadej Pogacar has attacked!

09:22 US Eastern, 15:22 Europe -  Numerous riders are being shelled out the back as the successive climbs take their toll.

09:21 US Eastern, 15:21 Europe -  52 kms to go and Luke Rowe is hammering the pedals on the front of the peloton.

09:00 US Eastern, 15:00 Europe -  The breakaway has been caught.

09:00 US Eastern, 15:00 Europe -  70 kms to go and the racing is hotting up!

08:36 US Eastern, 14:36 Europe -  Abandons during the last lap: Grosu, Friedrich, Pibernik, Craddock, Soler, Cully, Canecky, Bellan, Asadov

08:35 US Eastern, 14:35 Europe -  The peloton passes the line to begin the seventh lap and they are now just  2:36 behind the leaders. 

08:28 US Eastern, 14:28 Europe -  Over 5,000 metres of climb today, this is a big day out for the peloton!

08:28 US Eastern, 14:28 Europe -  Belgium squad has moved up to the front of the race, 3 laps to go!

08:12 US Eastern, 14:12 Europe -  87 kms to go and the two leader's gap has come down fast as the Swiss team increase the pace, 2m 50s

08:12 US Eastern, 14:12 Europe -  The peloton is visably much smaller now as we get near the 100km to go mark. There's still somewhere between 50-60 riders in there, though. 

08:11 US Eastern, 14:11 Europe -  Koch and Traeen are still alone out front. Their advantage has fallen to 4:46 with 100 kms to go!

07:17 US Eastern, 13:17 Europe -  133 kms to go and the breakaway still has a lead of 6m 10s

06:02 US Eastern, 12:02 Europe -  181 km to go and the 7 leaders have a gap of 5m 10s

04:56 US Eastern, 10:56 Europe -  It's still pretty overcast at the moment and plenty of arm warmers on. Mercifully, there is no rain for now.

04:54 US Eastern, 10:54 Europe -  222 kms to go, this is a long race, less wind today than in the women's race.

04:51 US Eastern, 10:51 Europe -  Seven riders in the lead are; Koch (GER), Traeen (NOR), Friedrich (AUT), Fomynkh (KAZ), Arashiro (JAP), Grosu (ROM) and Castillo (MEX), they have lead of 6m 48s

04:51 US Eastern, 10:51 Europe -  Hello, welcome to our coverage of the Men's Worlds Road Race

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