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LIVE NOW: Virtual Tour of Flanders


16:27 CET, 10:27 US EST  -  The final results, Matthews DNF

16:25 CET, 10:25 US EST  -  Wellens 7th place

16:25 CET, 10:25 US EST  -  DeGendt fourth

16:24 CET, 10:24 US EST  -  Naesen beast Roche for second place

16:23 CET, 10:23 US EST  -  Olympic Champion Van Avermaet wins Lockdown DeRonde!

16:23 CET, 10:23 US EST  -  Roche is trying to catch Naesen!

16:22 CET, 10:22 US EST  -  Naesen only has 2.0 km to catch van Avermaet!

16:19 CET, 10:19 US EST  -  Greg Van Avermaet is churning out 500 watts, as Naesen counter attacks!

16:19 CET, 10:19 US EST  -  Naesen, Roche and de Gendt are 11s behind

16:16 CET, 10:16 US EST  -  Olympic Champion Van Avermaet is looking like the first winner of the Tour of Flanders Lockdown Edition, just 5kms to go

16:14 CET, 10:14 US EST  -  Naesen, Roche and de Gendt chase Van Avermaet with 6.5 kms to go

16:13 CET, 10:13 US EST  -  Van Avermaet is leading by 10 seconds in front of Naesen and Roche

16:12 CET, 10:12 US EST  - Defending champion Alberto Bettiol (EF Pro Cycling) is over 40 seconds behind ...

16:10 CET, 10:10 US EST  -  Stuyven is 15 seconds behind the leaders ...

16:10 CET, 10:10 US EST  -  Naesen, Roche and De Gendt chase Van Avermaet

16:09 CET, 10:09 US EST  -  van Avermaet has attacked!

16:08 CET, 10:08 US EST  -  Evenepoel has been dropped on the Paterburg

16:07 CET, 10:07 US EST  -  Naesen leads in front of Van Avermaet and Roche and De Gendt and Evenepoel

16:06 CET, 10:06 US EST  -  Final climb is the Paterburg, 12.9%

16:06 CET, 10:06 US EST  -  Matthew's has abandoned

16:03 CET, 10:03 US EST  -  And it's all together again at the front. Stuyven is now the closest chaser to Naesen, Evenepoel, van Avermaet, Roche and De Gendt.

16:02 CET, 10:02 US EST  -  Evenepoel has attacked his breakaway companions, with 16 kms to go

16:01 CET, 10:01 US EST  -  Defending champion Alberto Bettiol (EF Pro Cycling) is losing contact on the Oude Kwaremont

16:00 CET, 10:00 US EST  -  Stuyven trying to bridge up to the front group

16:00 CET, 10:00 US EST  -  DeGendt and Roche out of the saddle on the climb

15:59 CET, 09:59 US EST  -  Naesen is doing over 500 watts!

15:57 CET, 09:57 US EST  -  Virtual fans not adhering to social distancing ....

15:57 CET, 09:57 US EST  -  6 riders in the front Bettiol, Evenepoel, De Gendt, Naesen, Van Aert and Roche

15:55 CET, 09:55 US EST  -  Six riders at the front with 20 kms remaining

15:54 CET, 09:54 US EST  -  The riders are approaching the Oude Kwaremont.

15:54 CET, 09:54 US EST  -  Roche leads in a the front group of four riders

15:49 CET, 09:49 US EST  -  We've moved over to a much better stream ...

15:47 CET, 09:47 US EST  -  Here we go!

15:46 CET, 09:46 US EST  -  Woooo De Gendt has a really cool man cave, or should I say pain cave!

15:45 CET, 09:45 US EST  -  Matthews is in his bedroom!

15:45 CET, 09:45 US EST  -  32km stretch of the modern Tour of Flanders finale including the Kruisberg, Oude Kwaremont, and Paterberg.

15:43 CET, 09:43 US EST  -  Defending champion Alberto Bettiol (EF Pro Cycling), Remco Evenepoel (Deceuninck-Quickstep), Wout van Aert (Jumbo-Visma) and Greg Van Avermaet (CCC Team)

15:43 CET, 09:43 US EST  -  Here we go, riders are on the virtual start line ...

15:41 CET, 09:41 US EST  -  Looks like some of the livestreaming upstream isn't as fast ...

15:37 CET, 09:37 US EST  -  All the pro's are ready on their trainers ..

15:31 CET, 09:31 US EST  -  Last year's winner Alberto Bettiol is looking forward to this!

15:27 CET, 09:27 US EST  -  Here is the virtual course, 30 kms and three bergs!

15:25 CET, 09:25 US EST  -  Pro's will tackle final 30 kms and 3 climbs!

15:17 CET, 09:17 US EST  -  We're just waiting for the start, in 5 to 10 minutes ...

15:16 CET, 09:16 US EST  -  Hello welcome to coverage of the NEW virtual Tour of Flanders!

13 Top Pro's to race Virtual Tour of Flanders this Weekend at the DeRonde2020, the lockdown edition!

The real Tour of Flanders has been postponed for the time being, nevertheless, we RVV found an alternative for the Tour of Flanders this Sunday - with the first virtual edition ever, as well a radio play featuring 104 years of Flanders Finest

The Flemish public television channel and the organisers of the classic, one of cycling’s five one-day ‘monuments’, has recruited 13 riders to race on rollers by riders from the confinement of their own homes.

The field is led by defending champion Alberto Bettiol, and several prominent Belgians including Remco Evenepoel, Greg Van Avermaet and Wout Van Aert. The “Ronde 2020” will be broadcast on TV from 3.30 pm and will last an hour.

“In a closed tour reserved exclusively for professional cyclists, 13 pros will be competing during the last 32 km of the Tour of Flanders – on their home trainers,” read a statement. “Thanks to Kiswe we will be able to watch the riders tackle a virtual Oude Kwaremont and Paterberg in real-time on the Bkool platform.”

“The Officially Unbelievable Ronde van Vlaanderen will transport cycling fans to an era of unwritten, thrilling cycling history — just as if you were listening to the commentary to a genuine, live cycling race,” Flanders Classics said. “Get ready for a story with some incredible plot twists, featuring cameo appearances by heroes from one hundred years of cycling history such as Eddy Merckx, Johan Museeuw, Fabian Cancellara, Mario Cipollini, Briek Schotte, Bradley Wiggins, Fausto Coppi and the Van der Poel family.”

The riders will cover the last 32 kilometres, over the race’s final two climbs, Oude-Kwaremont and Paterberg.

We'll be streaming it live here on Gran Fondo Guide!

We hope you enjoy yourself at the Tour of Flanders this weekend!

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